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We take and Print Gabon Passport & Visa Photos

Gabon passport or visa photos can be made from a photo you take or with our mobile service and we will print it too the exact specification that your government will accept.

For Gabon passport or visa photos the cost is $9.99 for 2 photos. See price list for quantity breaks

 Gabon passport photo requirements

Gabon passport picture requirements:

Two (2) 2X2 inches
- Pale color or white background
- Full face, front view
- The photos must be identical
- The photos must have been taken within the last six months
- Photographs retouched so that your image is changed are unacceptable
- Do not wear a hat unless for religious reasons (if so, please include and explanation)
- Wear normal day-to-day attire. Do not wear uniforms
- If you normally wear a wig, hearing aid or prescription glasses, wear them for the photo.

Gabon visa picture requirements:

Two - four (2-4) 2x2 passport sized photo depending your visit is for travel (2) or business (4).

How to order your Gabon passport photos.

Passportphotonow.com has two options for getting your passport, visa, citizenship, immigration or any ID photo you need.

Option 1) You can upload your own photo you took with your digital camera at your home or office and we will size the photo for any passport, visa, citizenship, immigration or ID photo you need. Just follow the simple steps below and we will mail it back to you in the same day for free.

Option 2) Passportphotonow.com has a MOBILE photo service that will come to your office or home to take your photo and then we will mail it back to you. Call today to make an appointment or for more details 949-644-6533. Remember every country has different photo requirements for all their photos so please make sure you order your photos for the right country.

If you have any questions please contact us at Phone 949-644-6533 or email us at info@passportphotonow.com

Did you know that bad photographs are the most common reason for the rejection of passport applications? Get your photos done right the first time. We guarantee if you supply us with a good photo we will size and print your photo correct the first time. If we have a problem with the photo you supplied us we will contact you via email and ask for a new photo, so you have nothing to lose.

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