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Page last updated 3/24/2016

Creating Passport, Visa, Citizenship & ID  Photos made easy!

Ten most important tips when taking your passport photo.


Making all Passport Photos of the World

To take a photo at home have the person stand as close to a white or off-white wall or door as possible. With the subject 4 to 6 feet away from the camera.  Have them face straight toward the camera with both face and shoulders square to the wall.     We recommend that they do not wear glasses. Their facial expression should be neutral not showing teeth.  You must use the flash on the camera.  Do your best to not have a shadow (but if there is a shadow on the background don't worry we will take them out). A shadow will occur when you are to far from the wall or door and you don't have a second flash or light source.  Turn off any lights from above or close by that may cast shadows of the subjects face.  No hats, caps or hair across the subject's face. DO NOT TAKE THE PHOTO TO CLOSE UP. Do not crop the photo. Your photos should look like the above image 7.

Taking your photo

Making passport, visa, citizenship & ID photos has never been easier. Simply look at our Preparing yourself for a photo, follow the below tips when taking your picture, upload your image file, pay using PayPal and we will make sure your photo passes any Governments requirements. 

Tip 1   To eliminate shadows please turn off the light from above or next to you to prevent any shadows on the face. You must use the flash on your camera, to get even lighting with no shadows on the face.

Tip 2   Background should be a wall or door that is as close to white as possible free of texture, patterns or objects.

Tip 3   The distance from the camera to the subject should be between 4 feet to 6 feet. Making sure the camera is at eye level of the subject, not from above or below.

Tip 4   Have the subject stand as close to the background as possible to help eliminate background shadows.

Tip 5   The subject must be square to the camera:  The face and eyes of the subject must be looking straight towards the camera so you can see an equal amount of each ear and cheek in the photo.

Tip 6   You need to take the photo with a neutral expression with your mouth closed, not laughing, smiling, frowning and not showing your teeth

Tip 7   The image to the right is the approximate format size picture we need when using the LCD display panel on your digital camera.

Tip 8   Your hair cannot cover any part of your eyes or face.

Tip 9   Please take off your glasses; it will guarantee your photo passing. If you must wear your glasses there cannot be any glare anywhere on the glass and the frame cannot cover any part of your eyes.

Tip 10     We must have an unaltered original digital file from the camera that took the photo, no smaller the 1MB. The bigger the file size the better.  A scanned photo or a photo of a photo will not work.