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Glad to have found this service. Super fast and very friendly! Thank you so much!

Long Beach
CA-California, 9080
United States
Drivers License Photo

Bruce was very prompt, helpful, and courteous. I am very grateful that he provides exemplary service.

IL-Illinois, 60098
United States
Passport Renewal photo

Bruce has provided my Passport Photo's for more than a decade. He understands the requirements and the Photo's are always accepted by the Embassy. His service is quick and efficient. He promptly responds to emails. It is a pleasure doing business with Bruce. I will continue to use ''Passport Photo Now'' again and would highly recommend this service! Thank-you very much Bruce!

 Sheena J
CA-California, 92618
United States
Passport Photo

I found this very easy, took a photo of my son, as per noted requirements on the website and uploaded it. Got a reply back soon after saying it looks good and that Passport Photo Now will work on it right away. About the next day or so I got an email saying it was printed and in the post. Couple days later I received it ready for my sons new passport application. Very easy and preferable to the pictures I have had taken at local walmart store.

 Sarah Scott
Redwood Falls
MN-Minnesota, 56283
United States
Passport Photo

This is the second time I’ve used Bruce. Ultra fast turnaround. I sent the photos in on a Sunday got everything back on a Tuesday! Passport photos were needed for the kids - This totally beats taking them in to get their photos taken. Thank you Bruce! Totally recommend.

CA-California, 91356
United States
Passport Photo

I always use this website for passport photos as I know I can trust that they will be accepted by the passport office and I find it really convenient being able to take the photos myself at home.

 Harriet Ferguson
DC-District Of Columbia, 20011
United States
Passport Photo

Great customer service. Works with you on matters if issue, and speedy delivery. Appreciate the awesome support!

 Tracy McCrystal
FL-Florida, 33609
United States
Passport Photo

After being rejected twice from the embassy due to shadows on pictures processed from UPS and the post office, we decided to try this website. Not only did we receive great customer service, professionalism and prompt receipt of photos, our photos were finally accepted. (Thank you to passportphotonow!). We didn't realize how strict the Australian Embassy was on photos, especially when we processed USA passport pictures for passports at the same time and they were accepted no worries at all. We highly recommend this company, will continue to use them here on out and will be referring them to anyone who needs passport photos. *****

 Billie VanderWaal
VA-Virginia, 22240
United States

I used PassportPhotoNow service twice this year (Australian Passport photo, US visa photo) and was both times delighted with the speed, quality and service. Warmly recommended!

 Franz Grunta
MI-Michigan, 48188
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Visa Photo

I received my photos sooner than I anticipated I would and could not be happier with this service. It was quick and painless and really took the stress out of getting the right photo for my passport renewal.

Saint Louis
MO-Missouri, 63110
United States
Passport Renewal photo

Super fast and easy! Just have someone take a pic of you with your cell phone, upload the pic to PassportPhotoNow's website, select the country and purpose for the photos, and choose how many photos you need. In about a week, you will receive a sturdy cardboard envelope in the mail with your perfectly sized photos. Definitely recommend, and I will use this service for future needs because it is the ONLY service I could find that is able to produce a different size of photo than the 2x2 photos you get at the passport photo services on every corner in the U.S.

 Diane G.
Orange County
CA-California, 92841
United States
Passport Photo

The photos arrived super quickly and look great. I can tell they were produced with quality.

 Dominic Christison
PA-Pennsylvania, 18103
United States
Passport Renewal photo

Have used The services more than 4 times and every time the service has been spot on and fast. Have used the service for photos for couple of countries photo specifications and no problem. I would keep using it in the future.

 Kunal Khot
MI-Michigan, 48374
United States
Visa Photo

Very impressed by this service! Getting a passport photo for our 5 weeks old son was not an easy task! We took many photos and submitted the best one but Bruce came back and let us know it wouldn't meet the standards. We really appreciated this. We submitted another one and he came back very quickly and confirmed it would meet the standards, he sent it off to production and it arrived 2 days later. Great service. Will be using you guys again for sure!

 Nicole Delintsch
NY-New York, 11222
United States
Passport Photo

Great service. They knew all of the requirements! Will use them again should the need arise.

 Kathy Weidman
MI-Michigan, 49004
United States
Citizenship Photo

Thank you so very much for your service!! I received my friend’s green card yesterday!!! It was a long drawn out process for my 98 yr old friend who let her green card expire. I am so very grateful that you provide a service like this for folks who are unable to go and have their photo taken for a government agency ID. Dept of Homeland Security accepted the photos you sent me, and the application was approved and new card issued. I am so very grateful for your assistance.

 Lynn K
Santa Monica
CA-California, 90402
United States
Permanent Resident Card

This is the second time I have utilized Bruce's company, and also the second time that I have been extremely pleased with his level of customer service, as well as the final product. Bruce is extremely quick to get back to you to request updated photos if he needs them, and the total turnaround time has always been ultra quick. I would recommend this web service at any time, it is great!

 chris wilkins
CO-Colorado, 80229
United States
Passport Photo

My mom is 90 years young and has difficulty getting around. Her passport was up for renewal and was not well enough to go out and get pictures for her passport renewal. I didn't want to force the issue with her, because I knew it would create stress for her. I wondered if an online service existed that could help me with her passport photos. I googled and found Passport Photo Now; The name was fitting because I needed a passport photo now! I told her about the online service and she was very pleased. I took a few photos of her with my cell phone, uploaded them to the site, and within a week or so two passport photos were delivered to my home. I was leary and wasn't sure they would be accepted with the renewal application, so I waited to hear back re the renewal process. About a month later my mom's new passport came in the was so easy! I would highly recommend this service for individuals who have trouble getting around, are super busy, or those who care for their elderly parents (as do I) and getting around for them is a challenge. Great service! Thanks so much!

 Leticia Martinez
CA-California, 91763
United States
Passport Renewal photo

 Format(Size)Two (2) identical photographs must be submitted,  They should be 2" x 2" in Width and Height.  They should show a close up of your face and the top of your shoulders so that your face takes up between 60% - 70% of the face or 1" x 1 3/8" from the chin to the crown of the head. The photo must clearly show the person's facial features in a straight forward position from the tip of the chin to the crown of the head as well as the left and right sides of the face.  In the case of voluminous hair, it must be ensured that the head (including the hairstyle) is fully depicted without reducing the size of the face, if possible.  The face must be centered in the photo and no more than six months old, to ensure an up to date likeness. 
 BackgroundThe background should be white.  The background should not have any pattern. The photo should show only the person to be photographed (no other persons or objects in the photo). No shadows must be shown on the background.



You need to take the photo with a neutral expression with your mouth closed, not laughing, smiling, frowning and not showing your teeth. With both eyes open, contrived expressions such as raised eyebrows or squinting are not acceptable.
 Head Position The head of the person photographed should be neither at an angle nor turned (portrait style).  Your head must be square to the camera; your face can not be slightly rotated and or tilted. Your face and eyes must be straight towards the camera so we can see an equal amount of each ear and cheek.
 Eyes & Line of  sightThe person in the photo must look directly into the camera. The eyes must be open and dearly visible and may not be covered by hair or spectacle frames.  The camera lens must be at the eye level of the person being photographed , not from above or below
The face must be evenly illuminated by the flash on the camera. Reflections or shadows on the face as well as red eyes must be avoided.  
 Photo Quality
The photo should be printed on high-quality paper with a print resolution of at least 600 dpi (especially when taken with a digital camera). The photo must be neutral in color and skin tones should appear natural. The photo should have no creases or impurities . Photograph cannot be manipulated, for example, by removing spots or softening lines.  Photos must be in color.
 Wearing  GlassesPlease take off your glasses; it will guarantee your photo passing. If you must wear your glasses there cannot be any glare anywhere on the glass and the frame cannot cover any part of your eyes. The eyes must be clearly recognizable (reflections from glasses, tinted glasses or sunglasses are not permitted). 
 Head wearGenerally speaking, head wear is not permitted. Exceptions are possible, especially for religious reasons. In such cases, the face must be visible from the lower tip of the chin to the forehead. No shadows should be visible on the face.

The face must be sharply focused in all areas, rich in contrast and clear. 

 Back of PhotoBoth photo must be blank.

Infants or very small children who are unable to support themselves should be photographed

lying down from above.  Hands, arms, etc. used to support the child should not be visible.


United States Photos

We make United States Passport, Visa, Citizenship & ID  Pictures

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United States passport, visa, citizenship & ID photos can be made from a picture you take with your camera by using our online service or with our mobile passport photo service. We will print them too the exact specification that your government will accept.

Did you know that bad photographs are the most common reason for the rejection of passport applications?  Get your photos done right the first time.  We guarantee if you supply us with a good photo we will size and print your photo correct the first time.  If we have a problem with the photo you supplied us we will contact you via email and ask for a new photo, so you have nothing to lose.

We have been specializing in United States passport photos since 1989.  We will print your passport photos with the precise measurements needed and print them on the correct paper to guarantee their acceptance. Most Passport photo requirements are different for each country and some are very hard to make correctly to pass the strict passport photo requirement rules.  Let us do it right the first time so you don’t have to go through the Disappointment of a returned U.S. passport application due to poor photos.  With our long time knowledge and attention to detail we GUARANTEE their acceptance or we will do it again for free. You can upload your photos to us online here ORDER NOW.

This is a non-government site and whilst every effort is made to ensure the information is correct and up to date, there may be changes which we are not aware of.  You should confirm details or any concerns with a United States Consulate or Embassy Office.

If you have or know of newer information about United States Passport, Visa, Citizenship or ID photo requirements that is different than the specifications you see on this page, please let us know and we will review and include your helpful information in our next updated of this page.  ​Click here to send us updated information►

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