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Archived Testimonials & Reviews for PassportPhotoNow (2014-2009)

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I had tried and failed 3 times to obtain my Australian passport due to photo issue after photo issue after photo issue. Finally I found out about Passport Photo Now. It was so easy and fast! Once I received my photos in the mail I sent my passport application in and 5 days later my new passport was in the mail!! Thank you so much for ending my endless pulling out of my hair!
Destin, FL 32541


Photos were great! Got them fast and they met all the requirements for my Canadian passport! Thanks! 
Bronx, NY 10461


As others have mentioned - it is quite challenging trying to get a passport photo that is acceptable to the Australian consulate! After going to three different Walgreens (all of whom had Aussie guidelines on their systems)and still not having a single acceptable photo, I found Bruce's details online. A friend took my photo, I emailed them off and had photos back within the week.....and picked up my new Australian passport today - success! Will not mess around wasting money at local photo places next time. 
San Francisco, CA 94117


I had trouble time to find a place to take my daughter's picture for Canadian passport. I searched online and found this website. I sent her picture and I got it very fast. I got her passport, without any problem.
Amin Changizi
Berinigsville, PA 18031


After wasting gas and precious time I finally found someone to get passport photos from. What a relief when it arrived, this service seems to be very conscientious and concerned about the quality. I appreciate the suggestions and thank you so much,. needless to say I wont need to look any further next time I need passport photos.
thankyou Bruce.
Chambersburg, PA 17202


Very easy process, and Australia photos were accepted with no trouble. Thankyou!
Miami, FL 33134


The Canadian passport photographs arrived as promised - within 2-3 days. Excellent job. And to think I was looking all over town for a service that was right under my nose in the comfort of my home - and at a fantastic price!! Can't beat that.
Nafisa Dalal
Weatherford, TX 76087


The first photo I sent was no good and Bruce explained why and had me take another, which he said was "perfect". Within a matter of days, I had my two photos, perfectly cropped for my UK/EU passport application. The passport arrived yesterday (a less-than-two-week turnaround, which surprised me) and I could not be happier. In fact, I'm about to have my US picture done from the same photo. Thanks, Bruce, for a job well done!
Patrick Wiseman
Atlanta, GA 30307


Like so many others, I live in a rural area far from the city lights and a competent photo studio. My search for passport photos quickly narrowed to the nice lady at the big-box store and her hand-held camera. She could do U.S. passport photos all day long. Ireland and other EU countries with tougher biometric requirements would prove a bigger challenge. Figured I could save a few bucks and trim the photos down on my own. About two months after mailing off my application I received a nice letter from the Consulate informing me that the photos would not do, but they would hold my application until as time I could produce the necessary photos. Crunch time! I happened upon your website; my wife snapped a few pix; I sent you the best of the series; you mailed me two great pictures. My passport arrived via FEDEX just last week and I could not be happier. Passport photo requirements will only get more strict. To anyone reading this review, trust me, you are far and away ahead by spending a couple more bucks and getting it done right -- the first time.
Bruce, thanks for doing a great job, you are my "go-to" for all future photo I.D.'s.
Auburn, NE 68305


I am so happy with the quality and speed in which my photos were returned to me. I was stressing out because I was having difficulty obtaining the very specific photos needed for an Irish passport application. Now that I have the photos I am all set and awaiting my new passport. A job well done.

Woodmere, OH 44122


I tried looking for places that take Canadian passport pictures and I finally came across this site. At this I didn't know if it would work but it definitely does. There service is awesome and fast! They will even ask you for additional pictures if they think the ones you sent will not work out. They really care about their customers. I am very pleased with my pictures and will definitely use this site for any passport or immigration related photos. Honestly, this site is great. Love their work. Thanks guy! Couldn't be happier. 
Sabika Abidi
Corona, CA 92879


I am very satisfied with my Canada transit visa photo order. The photo is processed very nicely. It also saves lots of trouble to beg those Walgreen stores to do this wired sized photo. Americans do not need a canada visa so it\'s really hard to find a place in US to do this. Wish photopassportnow have a great business!
Lisa Xu
Fort Collins, CO 80521


Simply amazing! I went to get Aussie passport photos taken through Walgreens - I spent $110 in total and not one was accepted! The Australian Embassy told me to contact Passport Photo Now - they were quick with replies and let me keep trying, to get the photo right without charging me for each time I submitted. If you want to get your photo accepted - get it taken care of here! Will never go anywhere, ever again for passport photos. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80906


I would just write short and sweet. is amazing. They really serve their customer well. I received instant reply to all my queries and they helped me a lot on how to take a correct picture. Just as I wanted a quick service I received the same with 100% effort.

Thank you guys for all that you do. You're awesome!!
Chandni Sejpal
McLean, VA 22102


I am very pleased with the services provided. I had to order 3 different types of photos for Canada: visa, immigration and PR, and each time the quality of photos was exceptional and the delivery was super fast! All of the photos are perfectly sized and formatted so they meet the specific requirements of CIC. THANK YOU.
Lowell, MA 01854


This is an excellent service!!!!!!!! Don't be fooled by other sites, this one works to perfection. Take your picture, send it in, they will let you know if there is any issues with your picture. I made an error when I took my pictures. He told me right away, I retook them and emailed them back in, poof, I had my pictures and my passport was delivered from Canada in 3 weeks!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
Gordon Davis
Campbellsville, KY 42718

Bruce did an amazing job. I wish I had used him first, rather than trying to get CVS to do the photos and cut them to size myself (which didn't work and was a waste of money). The quality is fantastic and we got the passports today without any further hassle. 
Marissa Hahn
Los Angeles, CA 90066


Thank you Bruce for taking care of my pictures. I was denied 3 times from the Australian Embassy because of pic size. I couldn't find anywhere to get it right. I was getting very frustrated and then I found your site. It was a blessing. I received my pictures promptly and after I sent in my application I received my passport three days later. 
Fantastic Job!!!

Nashville, TN 37211


I'm very impressed with the service. I sent in the only photo I had available for a FOID card printing. It had too much body and a lot of background wall in the picture, and it was all cropped out into a proper headshot. I got a confirmation of the order processing immediately, and received the mail order that same week. If this is service you need and don't mind the mailing wait, it's very worth the money. 
Chicago, IL 60112


Dear Bruce,

Thank You for you quick response both BEFORE ordering and then up to the prompt delivery. It's always great to save $$and get service to your door (USPS) within two days of ordering from the comfort of my home. Thanks again for my Canadian passport photo. Lucy
Reno, NV 89503


I used Passport Photo Now after attempting to get hardcopy and digital copy of my photo for my NZ passport renewal at a local photo specialty. It took several attempts with them to get the digital copy up to spec for the exacting standards used by the NZ passport office. The hardcopy I realized later was manually cropped and ended up with 2 photos ( same image ) but cut non-identically. I didn't want to risk submitting them and having to tango with my remote passport office with little local support to get it right. No local US stores like CVS wanted to even have a go at it.

 My wife came across this service so she took a slew of photos and we submitted the best one to Passport Photo Now and within a day Bruce emailed the cropped photo. NZ passport office is really good in terms of supplying an online facility that will check the photo is up to snuff before lodging the application online. The photo did not meet some specs and I got back to Bruce and within a day he fixed the image so it met the stringent size, aspect ratio and pixel dimension requirements. It passed the online check so I was happy to attempt the online application which took 45 minutes and two days later the NZ passport was on its way to me. Just received it today and I am thrilled with how the photo looks in the passport as well as the style and features of the passport itself. I REALLY like my new New Zealand Passport ( except for the 5 year renewal cycle )! I also received the requested hardcopy prints a week later ( if I had to do it the old fashioned way by paper application ). Thanks very much to Bruce as his service really did help me a great deal. I am only sorry I wasted so much time, money and effort looking elsewhere first.
Ambler, PA 19002


The Australian Passport Office is notorious for how difficult they are when accepting passport photos. We have been caught out before, and this time were determined to get it right the first time. Enter Bruce, and Passport Photo Now, whom we found on the Australian Embassy website. We sent him two that had been taken at the local Kinko's, and he emailed to say that they weren't right, and told us exactly how to take them with our own camera and then how to email the photos to him directly. Bingo! We had the new and wonderful passport photos in our hands within a few days (!!!) and they were accepted without a murmur at the Passport Office in New York. I couldn't recommend this service any more highly. Professional, efficient, and perfect. 
Jacksonville, FL 32257


The photos I have originally submitted to renew my UK passport were rejected because the size was not correct. I was hesitant using an online service, but was running out of time and options. Bruce's advice on how to take a good photo was very easy to follow and helped me become more familiar with my camera. Yesterday I finally received my new passport! 
Highly recommend BisonPhoto for anyone needing UK passport photos. Thank you for the quick, efficient and reasonable priced service.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


PassportPhotoNow did a great job with my son's Canadian Citizenship photos. The work was flawless. It was really quick and inexpensive, as well. I wholeheartedly recommend PPN.

Thank you, Bruce!

Dana Point, CA 92629


Amazing service! My original photos were denied by the Australian embassy for poor print quality. After resubmitting with prints from your business, i received a courtesy call from the embassy commenting on how great they were. Thank you for your service.
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546


Aurora, IL 60504


Thanks for the great service,
Odessa, TX 79765

Such fast service! Filling out forms for citizenship and passports can be such a stress - Bruce's efficient and quality service meant one less thing I had to worry about. Got my forms in quickly and with no problems or delays - thank you so much!
Yountville, CA 94599


I just received my Canadian passport with the help of this wonderful service. I have delayed getting my passport because the picture is always such a hassle when living in the USA, but not anymore. I appreciate your help/advise when the picture was not going to meet the specifications and the quick responses to have the issue resolved on my end. HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone needing a passport photo. What a hidden gem.
Elk Grove, CA 95757


Great service and fast delivery as well. Very pleased overall. Will definitely use again. Thanks for the great service
costa Mesa, CA 92626


I needed a photo for a train pass in Gdansk Poland. I live in a very rural part of NW Pennsylvania, and finding a source here is impossible. I found Passport Photo Now online and send in a poor quality photo. Bruce immediately informed me and how to correct the problem. This customer service is extraordinary and we continued to communicate until the problem was resolved. I received the photo's in a few days after and am very pleased with the results. Very good service and quality for a small fee. I would highly recommend this service.
Carlyle Conn
Smethport, PA 16749



Murchison, TX 75778


Thank you Bruce and Passport Photo Now! 

I didn't even know that it was possible to get these type of photos done online until I stumbled over this site. I live in a small town where I was concerned that local places would get it right first time. 

Bruce worked with me really quickly over email to get the photo I had taken correct, then within a day had it processed and shipped out to me. The photo fitted the consulate's requirements, it was accepted immediately. 

Thanks again! I'll be recommending your service. 
Winnemucca, NV 89446


After getting rejected the first time with what seemed like insanely picky standards by the Australian embassy, I did a quick search and found your site. Just got the email that my passport was processed and on it's way. Wish I'd known about your site sooner. Great job!
Little Rock, AR 72211


At first I was skeptical, $9.95? The least I ever paid in Canada was $17.00. After some initial problems with the photo I sent (had to send a new one), the two passport photos were sent to me. The real test was "Will Passport Canada accept them?" I received my new passport in the mail last week so I can finally write a review!

Great service, inexpensive, accepted by the passport office! I have referred all of my Canadian friends to this website. Living abroad it's nearly impossible to get an acceptable passport photo taken.

Thanks Bruce. 
Herndon, VA 20171


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! After trying a few local places advertising passport photos (and they had no idea how to take a Canadian passport photo), I found Thanks to Bruce's guidance, I finally got my photos right. They delivered them back to me and the Canadian Passport office accepted them- no problem. Thank you for saving me from a possible nightmare experience getting my photos approved. And all for only $9.99!! What a bargain!
Mooresville, NC 28115


I submitted my photo for a Canadian passport. My first few attempts were unsuccessful BUT Mr. Hallstrom was extremely patient and made suggestions on how to take a better photo.

I am extremely happy with the final product and recommend this business, especially those Canadians living in the USA needing a passport photo. 

Thank you for making this process easy!
Havelock, NC 28532


I received my Irish passport photos in less than a week and they were correctly sized to meet the requirements of Ireland. Two thumbs up!
Tempe, AZ 85284


I have been trying to get a Canadian Passport photo done here in the States for a while now. It is next to impossible to find anyone who is willing to do passport photos. I went to CVS (the sizing was wrong even though they had assured me that "the size of the picture doesn't matter,") Walmart (same thing as CVS), I even tried asking professional photographers, and was declined because for them a passport photo is not worth the effort. I was literally starting to panic. No offense USA! But I'd like to be able to visit my family in an emergency and not feel trapped. Well, thank goodness for passportphotonow and the great work that Bruce does! It was fast, efficient and done just right. And any questions or concerns were taken care of on the day I contacted Bruce. Thank you for your wonderful work, and for getting rid of my anxiety of being trapped here! 
Watkins Glen, NY 14891


I am so impressed with this passport photo service. The process could not have been simpler. I needed a Canadian passport photo and was becoming quite frustrated with trying to find a convenient service in Orlando that could meet the exact specifications. With this website, all I did was submit a photo, I got a very quick response saying my photo resolution was not high enough and he gave me clear instructions on how to provide a better shot. I resubmitted my photo and within hours, I got an email saying my Canadian passport photo was printed and shipped. Received it in the mail about a week later, sent it with my application and just today, I received my new passport in the mail. I got my new Canadian passport in 2 weeks, and that includes processing and mailing time. THANK YOU so much for such an efficient service. I will be recommending this website to all of my Canadian friends living in America!!!
Orlando, FL 32828


Really efficient! The quality is so Good for China passport photos.
San Jose, CA 95129


After several failed attempts to obtain an Australian passport photo using local photo shops I came across Bruce's site. Fast service and the photo was accepted by the consulate first time. Bruce gave me advice on the camera settings and I received the photos very quickly. Highly recommend this service. 
Indianpolis, IN 46220


Finding a photographer in the U.S. to take pictures for a Canadian passport application has progressed from difficult to nearly impossible. Your site allowed me to get the task done with a minimum of fuss. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism of the communications and the speed of delivery.

Fairfild, OH 45014


My Australian passport had expired and so I needed new passport photos to submit with my application. I live in Ohio. My first attempt was to have photos taken at a pharmacy. The Australian Consulate quickly rejected them : ) I then called several photographers and made no progress..(no one it seems has any idea how to deal with international photos in the US). The website Passport Photos Now clearly states "we guarantee your photos will be accepted"..that sounded too good to be true but I was really out of options. Using our digital SLR camera and following the guidelines the Consulate had emailed me, we took some pictures. I submitted a jpeg file to Passport Photos now, it was processed very quickly and I had the photos within about 3 days. They were accepted immediately and I have my passport already! A fantastic experience dealing with Passport Photos Now. I would highly recommend them, excellent customer service and I will absolutely use them again. 
Medina, OH 44256


Mr Bruce
Just had to say kudos!  We just received our Canadian Passport photo back from Immigration Office.  Wow!  We were not totally convinced about having a Passport Photo done online.  This is absolutely the most professional and seamless transaction.  The Photo was perfect and we could not have been more pleased not having to drive far and wide to hire a photographer to have the "correct" (Non-USA Passport) photo taken accurately.

Very well thank you again and continue to awesome work.
Brian and Abigail Danyleyko


No delays and kept informed along the way. Photos are a simple thing, if you know how. Bruce had them in the mail promptly.

His skill is well worth it. You only want to make one trip to the embassy. You don't want to be in that kind of that red tape over your own home made photos! Call Bruce.
Houston, TX 77084


FINALLY!!! no one in my area made Canadian Passport Photo' I finally went online and found wasn't sure if the Canadian passport service would accept my photo's since I took them myself but had Bruce Hallstrom fix and size them properly for me...and yes they accepted them..I now have my passport in hand..I will use him again..
Thank You So Much 
Apache Junction, AZ 85120


Please let me tell you, its virtually impossible to get a UK passport photo anywhere in Orlando, I know, I tried. The format is different to a USA passport and no one does the format that I needed. I thought I had hit lucky when my local UPS were able to do them but alas after getting the pictures taken, down went the camera and printer so I was unable to get my photos. :-( I was very despondent, frustrated and borderline angry when I decided to go online and search for 'anyone' that would be able to help me in this situation. I found a co. called PASSPORT PHOTO NOW! You take the pictures, email them off and Bruce does his magic! Of course I was skeptical at first (They're in CA) but decided what have I got to loose I need these pictures. After numerous attempts at taking the pictures on my 'then' camera (I went and bought a new camera) and having Bruces' patience along side helping me, I finally got the pictures that were needed. I emailed them off that afternoon and that very evening ( yes that very evening ) I got confirmation that my photos were en-route back to me, how great was that!! I received them 3 days later. All in all, a GREAT experience and I would definitely recommend using this co. to everyone out there that is in need of UK passport photos. Do not waste your time calling around or driving around looking for places that 'may' be able to help, just go online and do what I did, you will definitely be satisfied and stress free!
Thank you again Bruce for you patience and for all your help in this process, see you again in 10 yrs.. 
Alison Dawson
Orlando, FL 32837


This website is very convenient and easy. I needed passport photos for Australia, that had to meet specifications.I submitted a digital portrait that I took myself, and within a few days the photo was in my mailbox. Excellent service
Los Angeles, CA 92835


The team at Passport Photo Now do an extremely good job with the photos. I needed to renew my Canadian Passport w/photo from the United States. After a few failed attempts to get everything correct according to standards, Passport Photo Now was able to complete my order in an extremely fast period of time including delivery. Their helpful emails guided my husband and myself to take a top quality passport photo. I will use them questions asked.
Maricarol Furlong
Crescent City, FL 32112


Ultra Fast Service, Great quality. No problem.
Thanks Derek
Hampstead, MD 21074


Great service I couldn't find anywhere here to print my Fiji passport photo so I found them online and they did a great job!
Francois Hurstel
San Mateo, CA 94401


Would recommend this service to anyone for UK passport photos. Fast, efficient service and good quality photos. Many thanks.
anne-Marie Groves
Davenport, FL 33897


I looked and called everywhere locally and no one could do a correct Canadian Passport photo. A friend at work found and sent me the link. I took a picture and uploaded it on Friday after work 5:00 EST and within an hour I had an E-mail back stating it was processed and in the mail. Tuesday the photos came in the mail and they are perfect. For Ten bucks. I highly recommend to anyone needing a passport photo. Mine was for Canada, but I'm sure they do the same regardless of what country it is for.
Thanks guys.
Greensboro, NC 27455


I used this service for my own and my daughter\'s Canadian passport photos. They were courteous, quick, correct, and overall very efficient. I do recommend their service.
Mohammad Arishamchian
Coto De Caza, CA 92679


I have never dealt with a business that was more efficient. Great price, great quality, extremely fast service. I've since used their service three times for family, and tell my friends there is no better place to go. 
Julie Morissette
Tustin, CA 92780


I can't say enough about this service. It was extremely quick and the pictures were perfect. We had our passports in no time. I recommend this service to all my Canadian friends. 
Nashville, TN 37027


They were very helpful and capable in getting the right pictures to work from. Response was also very quick and usually within a few hours. Great customer service
George Markham
Marathon, FL 33050


Great service. Needed a passport photo for my infant son. Took the photo in the comfort of our own home, sent it in and received the passport photo in the mail a few days later. An innovative and problem solving service. Highly recommended! 


I am delighted with the service at It took me years to find a suitable Australian passport photo service in the US. Bruce delivered in a matter of days with great photos, a great price, and a supportive approach. 

I was nervous that the embassy wouldn't take the photos after the long drive, but Bruce's photo did the trick. My brother has already gotten his photos from as well.

Thanks Bruce!
Richmond, VA 23221


After failed attempts with two local photographers, one who specialized in passport photos Bruce got his in one! Thanks
Eagle river, AK 99577


I ordered Russian passport photo for my daughter and was surprised when was asked to provide a photo with better quality. Definitely, you can be sure of high quality of the service and all that without the need to bring my daughter somewhere to take a picture. Do it yourself and then just wait for delivery! Thanks a lot!
Bellevue, WA 98007


All three family members received Canadian passports np! Thanks for editing the pictures. I had my doubts until I saw that all passports were approved. 

Impressive. I will refer your services to other family members in the US who cannot find a place to take Canadian template passport pics.

Awesome job!
Charlotte, NC 28079


Bruce was really helpful with my order for my fiance's visa photos. It's not easy for my fiance to get passport/visa photos in his home country done properly so I needed to be able to send a file quickly to get printed in the US. We needed some help at first getting the correct layout for the photo and Bruce was incredibly accommodating and helpful. The photos look great! Thank you!!!
Camphill, PA 17011


Great service for Bahamas passport photos, very easy to do if you don't want to do the search for fancy photo studios that have the ability to provide your exact photos. The price is right, I was very pleased with the ease of it, and I will keep this website in mind for future purposes. Thanks!
Cincinnati, OH 45214

Mr Bruce
That is incredible.  We were initially reluctant to try an online service however after reading your former clients was great and we look forward to the photos, Also kudos for providing so much relevant information on your site...awesome.Thank you again for the "stellar" service and communication!
Be well
Brian and Abigail Danyleyko


Very good and professional service - i wanted to get Canada visa photos - they did it in time and immigration had no problems with it. 
Thank you :)
Edmonton, Canada t5k2m3


I wanted to renew my Australian passport. The Consulate website had many details for an acceptable photo. I went to an UPS office but they said that they can only give me a standard US passport photo which the Australian Consulate had specified was not acceptable. I went to other photo shops but they wouldn't assure me that they can guarantee a photo that would be to the required specifications. I was wondering what to do when, thanks to Google search, I stumbled upon this site. I took a simple photo with my cellphone and mailed it to them. Within a couple of days, I got my two photographs, all pertaining to the requirements of the Australian consulate. I submitted my passport application and ten days later, I have my renewed passport with no complaints about the photos. What more, this is cheaper than making an US passport photo here in the SF bay area. Even US passport photos are cheaper to get done at this site than going to a Walgreens or US Post office. 
Thank you guys, you are cool! You provide a great service.
Raghu Nathan
Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Hi Bruce, you got the best service. I received my visa photos on time and they are perfect. I\'m sure they are the ones required and very hopeful to get the visa. Thank you for your prompt service. I highly recommend to everyone who needs passport photos of any kind!
Bethesda, MD 20816


I used to dread the moment I had to take pictures for renewal of my Canadian passport. The only place which helped me in the past was a portrait studio in the local JC Penny store whose manager was willing to go through the pain of taking passport photos for non-USA standards (normally it took a few iterations to get it right). Now with the recent change of management they got out of the passport photo business and I was completely at loss on how to proceed with it until I found the Passport Photo Now service on line.
This service is truly outstanding. Quick and very professional. I highly recommend it and will make sure my family will use it when time comes for them to renew their Canadian passports.
Irmo, SC 29063


Great service! Highly recommended for Canadian Citizenship photos. Thank you.
Orange, CA 90630


We’ve been using for Passport photographs lately and we are very happy with the quick and professional service they provide and we recommend this site to everyone! Thank you PassportPhotoNow for the great service!
Boulder, CO 80301


Bruce did a great job... it was quick, easy and well priced. Canadian passports are so hard to get proper photos when you don\'t actually live there. I am going to use his services in the future for all our passport photos, even those for a US Passport.
Amold, MD 21012


After spending way too much time trying to find a local photographer who could properly take Canadian passport pictures, I found Passport Photo Now online. Bruce worked with me to get the right picture (my photos were too dark, etc.) Once we got a good shot, the photos arrived in the mail as promised. I had no problem getting my new Canadian passport. Easy and inexpensive with great customer service. Thank you, Bruce!
Alexandria, VA 22310


I got my passport so quickly. Now my business travel is in order. It felt like a breeze. Thank you so much for your superb service.
I could imagine how much trouble I would need to go through without your service. I told everyone I come in contact with who is a Canadian or knows a Canadian about your service. Please feel free to let me know if you like me to write reviews about your service. Or feel free to use this email.
Thank you.



Just a short note to say I received my IL FOID card pictures and they are perfect!  Thanks again for the great service!!


What excellent service! Great prints. Fast shipping. Courteous communication.
Thank you
New York, NY 10282


I am very pleased with this photo service. The only photographer in my town charges 4x and I would have had to drive an hour to find a photographer with comparable prices. Canadian passport photos have strict dimension and quality requirements and the photos I received met requested dimensions perfectly - I double checked by actually measuring. Photos were sent out to me within 24 hours of receipt. Thank you! Will use this service again if needed. 
Ithaca, NY 14850


It is incredibly hard to get the photos for an Australian passport done correctly on Long Island. The photos have to be printed on high quality paper, and the cropping is not always easy. Passportphotonow was our solution to these problems. They even reviewed the originally received photos and advised what needs to be corrected to achieve what is needed. The service was fast, and the photos well protected when mailed. We highly recommend them.
Atelier Ed
East Northport, NY 11731


I'm so glad I found PassportPhotoNow! I\'ve been putting off renewing my passport because I dreaded having to get that awful passport photo from some clerk at the post office. Instead I was able to send PassportPhotoNow a picture I was happy with and have them work their magic in producing a photo that met all the legal requirements of the U.S. State Department. Thank you Bruce for all the help you've provided me along the way. You can be sure I will recommend your services to my friends and family.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


I'm so glad I found this website! My first passport photos were taken at CVS, and although I was able to adjust them to the correct size, the passport was returned to me because of photo paper quality/clarity. Thanks to Bruce I received good quality photos (taken with a regular digital camera) within days and they were accepted by the Embassy! I wish I had known about this service in the first place as it would have saved a lot of time, money, and hassle. Thanks once again!
Charlottesville VA, 22908


At Last!
Just received my Australian Passport.After 2 previous attempts, both being rejected for having incorrect photo format. Previous photos were taken at a chain that advertised being able to provide passport photos for various countries. I even seen the format sheet. After 2nd denial it drove me up the WALL and I gave up. After passport expiring and having to fill out a different form I found "". Received my photo in great time. Re-did my application. Can now go to my sons wedding.
Thankyou Bruce.
Iron Mountain MI, 49801

I have ordered my Canadian citizenship photos, three days later they arrived. Perfectly sized and formatted to meet the exacting standards of the Canadian specs. Well done.
Tustin CA, 92780


 I wish I had known about Passport Photo Now at the beginning of applying for a Canadian passport for my husband. We spent over $100 in local photography fees and first class postage to get the application to Canada, only to have the application sent back because there were some slight shadows in the photo.When looking for an alternate photographer in town, Costco told us they don't take Canadian photos anymore, "They are too picky." What a relief to find PassportPhotoNow. They worked a miracle with a photo we took ourselves from a regular, old camera at home.Took less than a week to get us the new photos. Thanks for the help! 
Bend OR, 97701

I tried 3 different local places and none of them could get our passport right. i was going out of my mind. on the third time they mailed our application back, they suggested (hello, could they not of mentioned it on times 1 and 2!). Anyway, I have just heard back that they have accepted our photos and my daughters application can now go through. I will always come her first for our 5 Australian passport exceptions. thank you. 
La Jolla, CA 9237


Bruce was very helpful and took the time to very carefully review my pictures and then make suggestions for improvement resulting in passport pictures that will be approved by both the UK and US government.
Rossmoor, CA 90720


I tried all the pharmacies for an Australian passport photo but was told " We can't do that" I took my own photo and used passportphotonow. Thank you,
Pennauken, CA 08109

Excellent job! Fast Service! Thanks
Kent, WA 98042


We needed UK passport sized photos and were amazed that nowhere in NYC or surrounding areas provided this service, after a quick search online we found this great website. Wonderful service, prompt and excellent attention to detail, they know their stuff! We will DEFINITELY be using again. Thank you so much.
Massapequa, NY 11758

Received my new Canadian passport today. Your services are awesome. Lot of thanks to Bruce.
Painted Post, NY 14870


I ordered three sets of passport photos for my family. The specofications were quite stringent. Passport Photo Now did a perfect job and we got mour passports very quickly. Thanks to PassportPhotoNow.
Eden Prairie, MN 55346


Dear Bruce,
  Just to let you know that the photos for my Australian passport that you sent to Carla Broderick at the LA consulate were just fine, and I now have the new passport.


Thank god for friends who pointed us to this site.... 3 months of back and forth with the guardians of the passport in Gatineau and rejected photos and threatening letters that they will cancel the application and keep the $250 and we would have to start the process again and .... a friend finds this site. We take the picture and 4 or 5 days later the pictures arrive and are quickly sent to Canada .... yesterday the passport arrived.
Perfect images which met the reauired specs for a Canadian passport and so much cheaper than even the AAA we had used. So thank you thank you thank you ... I wish all things on the internet were this good and did what they promised - your site did everything you promised. See you in 10 years!
Barrington, RI 02806

After Some agonizing experience recently for my Son's Passport photo, I was little Skeptical about dealing with any photo studio in the US since Canadian Passport requirements are very specific. After lot of browsing and reading through the testimonials, I decided to try out for my own passport and to my Sweet Surprise this was one of the best experiences in the recent Past.

I uploaded my photo on a Saturday and to my Surprise, I get an email the Same evening that the photos have been Shipped and had them in my mail box within 3 days. 

I will highly recommend PassportPhotonow.Com to all the Canadian families and friends living in the USA.PassportPhotonow.Com has the experience to get it right the first time
Seaford, DE 19973

I am amazed. Your service really, really helped me and surprised me pleasantly. 
So easy, so reasonably priced and so fast!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Bruce!
I just wish I could use you more often for my Australian passport photos.
San Diego, CA 92020


Many thanks for a very quick and efficient service.
Highly recommended for anyone needing UK passport photos.
Mike Osborne
Abingdon, MD 21009

What a breadth of fresh air for Canadian Passport photographs....apparently most USA Photo places have absolutely no idea on Canadian specifications ! Great service , Very Professional . 
Hemant Patel
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

We needed Canada Passport Pictures and we are all very happy with your service,we will recommend your Service 
very highly. 
PS: also learned a lot it is not so easy to take a
good picture with a small Camera!
thank you for your patience and you help>
Frenchtown, NJ 08825

The service provided was excellent. I needed to get my son his first USA and UK passports. Bruce emailed me back and answered queries with minimal delay. He guaranteed that all would be fine and he was right. My son is now well documented and his passport photos were accepted without any issues! Thank you Bruce! I will come back to you for my wife and my passport photos in a few years.
Keya Sadrnia
Covina, CA 91723


I am very pleased and happy with your service. I was frustrated inquiring about the Canada visa photo at different photo centers like walgreen, cvs, etc., but none of them do it. Your service was quick. I ordered for a soft copy also, and I received it next day itself in my email. The hard copy arrived in less then a week. Their service is hassle free and very convenient. I highly recommend Thank! 
Jagmohan Hooda
Richardson, TX 75080

I was very impressed with the Australian passport photo service 'Passport Photo now' offers. I was having trouble with the settings on my Nikon camera, and 'Passport Photo Now' was fantastic at directing me on how to get my camera settings to where they needed to be. Thank you for your patience with my numerous errors in my photographs, I really appreciate all your help! Mail service was quick and photographs are lovely. 
Michelle Karno
Metairie, LA 70003


Thanks so much to Bruce for getting these pics done. He was very helpful, especially as it took multiple attempts to get the complicated UK passport pics just right...we received the pictures in only a few days and can now continue with the application process. 
Nicola Lewis
Newcastle, ME 04553

Worked great ! Got my Canadian passport in today and no problems !Thanks again
Paul Poirier
Gilford, NH 03249

Exactly what I was looking for. the greatest service ever I received. It was a tremendous help for me as there are no studio for Canadian passport in Richmond VA. The photo perfectly works for passport. I am recommending for all of you. 
Bipad Saha
Glen Allen, VA 23059

Thanks very much for the high quality and quick service - getting the Canadian standard right is difficult. I even had a Canadian photo shop picture returned. The only place I trusted before finding Passport Photo Now, was a photographer in the basement of the Canadian Consult in downtown LA - 85 miles away. I am very pleased with picture, ease and convenience your service provides - thanks again,
Murrieta, CA 92563

Thank you so much for doing my daughter's Australian passport. It had been rejected 3 times with photos from 3 different places. I finally spoke to someone at Passport Photo Now and they talked me through some settings on my camera and it was sorted. The photo was printed and sent very quickly. The person at the Australian Consulate even said he was impressed with the quality.
Thank you
Renee Budden

I was looking for a place where i can do my Australian passport's photo and it was really difficult. The size of the photo that embassy request was very specific and there is no place in ALL bay area who can do it for me. I am glad that i found this site, because it was easy to communicate with them thought e-mail and explain what i am looking for. They did really good job, very fast, reasonable price. I got my pictures in 2-3 days. I highly recommend this place to everybody. Special THANK YOU to Bruce H.:) 
Natallia L.
San Jose, CA 95129

Great service. I live in NY and needed a "Canadian" passport photograph. Of course, wherever you go they will gladly make you an "American" passport photograph, provided you pay, but that one has the wrong dimensions, etc.

I am glad I found this place. Very easy, take a few pictures at home and send them off, and you will get your passport photographs back. No problem at all with Passport Canada.

I recommend this service.

Rochester, NY 14472

Bruce was great! My fiancé needed to renew his Australian passport from within the US. He first went to Wallgreens to get his photos, but the Consulate said the quality was not acceptable. We then found a local professional photo printing facility and went to them. They did not understand the sizing issues so we left a sheet with specifics for them. When we went to get them a few days later the sizing was totally wrong. They finally got the specifications right, but the Consulate rejected them again due to the quality. Finally we found Bruce at Passport Photo Now and he was able to get the exact specifications and mail them directly to the Consulate, which was a great relief! He was fast about letting us know we needed to retake the image with the flash on to have the proper lighting. We wish we had found them before all the headaches and of course will be using this service for any passport or visa photos we need in the future.
Thanks so much
Ridgway, CO 81432

Excellent Service!!!, I was in a rush to get my passport and I stumbled upon this website. I read all the testimonials and thought I would give it a try and I am so glad that I did.
I was contacted within 30 minutes of my initial inquiry and I emailed photo's right away to which Bruce responded and told me what I needed to change. I re-took more photo's and emailed them and received them in the mail within a few days. 
I have already been informed by the Australian Embassy that my renewal application for my passport has been accepted. YAHHHH!!. Fast, efficient and quality service. Don't mess around trying to do the photo's anywhere else if you want to get it right the first time. Thanks Bruce
Tina J.
Winston Salem, NC 27103

I had a lot of trouble finding someone locally to produce pictures that were acceptable for an Australian passport. I did a search and found this website. I had my photos back within 3 days during the holidays, even. I gave the website address to the Australian Consulate in Los Angeles, so they can pass it on to others have the same issues as I was.
Bountiful, UT 84010

Bruce: Thank you for the quick turnaround on my FOID photos. The photos are exactly the right size and I am fully satisfied
Chicago, IL 60048

I found this service online, I messaged Bruce, who replied quickly and answered all queries without delay! I got the photos the day after they were sent. I need passport photos for both UK and USA passport and Bruce turned it around quickly and I have sent them off for processing. Excellent service. THANK YOU! You are my new passport photo service
Keya Sadmia
Covina, CA 91723

This website really works!!!! The Jamaican Passport Photo requirements are so strict and hard to follow, if you are not in Jamaica to take them. After going to many places: J.C. Penny, Walgreen\'s, U.S. Post Office, and others to get a passport photo I eventually discovered this website after my photos were rejected. I don't know how Bruce does it but I am so grateful for his service! I just got my passport two days ago with the photo Bruce edited for me! I am a very happy costumer and will be returning whenever I need photos for related documents! 
Champaign, IL 61801

Hi Bruce,
I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your service. It was pretty difficult to find any place locally who could provide quality passport photos. 
I will not hesitate to order from you again when the need arises.

Thanks again,
Laguna, CA 92653


This website was a lifesaver!! I couldn't find any place to take passport photos that met canadian requirements within several hours of where we live. The pictures were perfect 
Little Rock, AR 72201


What a great service!!! I would highly recommend this to anyone! The service was extremely fast and Bruce was extremely helpful and willing to answer questions, making the process smooth and efficient. I searched high and low for a place to find Australia passport photos and no one was willing to help me out. I would not have think twice before using this service again!!
Noblesville, IN 46062

I ordered passport photos for Poland and Germany and they look very good. I am happy to find this online service where the photos look professional! And it's great that i could send my own photo since taking a 2 months old baby to photographer does not belong to easy tasks!! 

I would surly recommend this service!!!!!
Woodland, TX 77384

The process was easy and quick, only hard part was to get our one year old son to look straight with mouth closed for the Canadian passport photo.
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

After having a difficult time finding someone locally to do pictures for my Canadian passport I came across Passport Now. I received my pictures withing 5 days. Sent it in and inquired if it was acceptable and they said, yes! Thank you so much! I definitely will remember this service and highly recommend!
Temecula, CA 92591

Thanks Bruce. I appreciate your responsiveness and advise on taking a photo that would meet the Canadian passport criteria. The photo came out good. I recommend this service.
Heather Simmons 
Ookala, HI 96774

I contacted PassportPhotoNow because I needed a passport photo in order to get my newly adopted infant back to Japan, where my husband is stationed with the US Navy.

Bruce provided me with advice on taking a decent photo and assured me that he would only use a photo of acceptable quality. Service was very quick, and I was incredibly pleased with the final product!

I have yet to apply for the passport, but I am confident that I will not encounter any problems due to a poor photo. Thank you!
Reine Lea Barna
Newport Beach, CA 92660

After searching around for all passport photo shops around area (Rite aid, CVS, FedEx, AAA, Walgreen, post offices), no one will do a Canadian passport photo. I am so glad to find this site, they gave detailed instruction, fast shipment, and most important, high quality of the photo which satisfies Canadian passport requirement, so if you need do a Canadian passport photo, here is your best choice! 
Jing Gao
Allentown, PA 18104

Passport Canada seemed a little surprised at how good the pictures were, considering they were from the U.S. Thank you for the prompt and helpful service!
Edwardsburg, MI 49112

Great web site and extremely fast service. I was worried that the photo wouldn\'t meet the strange specs, but they were perfectly done and accepted by Citizenship Canada. Thanks! I will definitely use this service in the future.
Jeannie Taylor
Nashville, TN 37214


I took vacation after I ordered this service, then I was coming back last weekend. As I expected, my photo print already arrived at my mailbox. Very nice service. Actually it was difficult to find out our neighborhood shops that can crop pictures for passport application. Your service is excellent with reasonable price. Thank you very much.

Finally a place to purchase Canadian passport photos without jumping through hoops. Fast and easy- so happy with the outcome. Thx!
Dover, MA 02030

Bruce worked with us when our Canadian Citizenship photos weren't up to par. Most companies would have just sent us the photos but Bruce made sure they were perfect in order to pass regulations. We appreciate his diligence, even when he had to tell us more than once to take better photos. 
Antioch, CA 94531


Completed the cropping and printing quickly and professionally for my US visa. Pleasure to do business here. 
Nelson Kelm
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

I do not know what\'s up with the folks in Gatineau, but I've never seen anything like it. When I initially renewed my passport, it got denied 4 times because the photo was never quite right (apparently no one in the US can take a Canadian passport picture). I found Bruce's website and gave it a try - perfection the first time! Now I am going to renew everyone in my family - thank you Bruce!
Esther S.
Leesburg, VA

Excellent U.S. passport photo prints! The photos arrived fast and they look very professional. Using Passport Photo Now has been far more convenient than trying to find a local photo shop and the price can't be beat. Awesome service, thanks so much!

Kona, HI


Great Job, Passport photo accepted at last!  Thanks a million.   Lyn
Mattawan, MI 49071

easy peasy! thanks so much!
Janette La Bella
Lancaster, CA

Just a note to say THANK YOU! Your service was impressively fast. I received my Passport today from Canada with no problem. I have to say the photo was my biggest concern as others had told me unless I went to the local photographer who wanted $75 the photo would be rejected---NOT True! Again thank you for the great service.
Rosena Norris
Southaven, MS

I had so many problems with the Australian Embassy regarding my passport application and apparently it all came down to my passport photos.

I sent passport photo now an email with my photo and they were able to explain straight away why my photo was not being excepted.

I took another photo following their suggestions, emailed it and within a few days I had my passport photos. My passport was also accepted with no problems this time!

Thanks Passport Photo Now!!
Denver, CO

I had spent months trying to get a photo that would meet the required specs. I went to 3 different pharmacies, 2 post offices, and the DMV. Only one was able to do the right size, but when I sent it in, it got denied by the Passport office due to poor quality and shadows. I missed a trip to Mexico because of this.

After a few weeks of putting it aside, I realized I had a wedding coming up in Canada and would need the passport to go to it. My dad had, had similar issues with his passport and found this company to help him. After it successfully worked for him, he highly recommended it for me.

And sure enough, my approved passport is en route to me as I type this! Not only that but during the whole process the person that helped me was incredibly responsive and helpful.

Thank you so much for providing this needed service.
Austin, TX

I've used this place twice now for UK passport photos. Very quick response and first class service both times. I'd use them every time.
Jon Hudson
Newport Beach, CA

I wasn\'t sure about ordering passport photos online, but the only place within an hour drive that does Canadian photos was replacing their equipment. I had to re-submit a second image because the first was not high enough quality but I was sent specific instructions about what to do differently. The pictures arrived within a few days and my passport application was processed and my passport issued with no issues.
F. Lee
Cornwall, NY

Thank God for this service, I have struggled with Canadian passport photos for about ten years with no success until now. Always had at least one photo rejection per renewal. Passport photo now acceptance the very first time, I will be using from now on, awesome.
Steve P
Blue Grass, IA

We struggled for months with local pharmacies, (who had the new software)and the DMV (who also had the right software)but couldn't get an acceptable Canadian passport photo for my husband. I got desperate and went on line, thinking we couldn't be the only ones having a hard time. I found and within 24 hours our photo was in the mail to us. I just got confirmation that it was accepted by Passport Canada. My son who lives in Austin, TX. experienced the same issues, just used the same service. Highly recommend this excellent, friendly, quick, very reasonably priced service.
Lima, OH

I LOVE THIS SERVICE! First off, it is impossible to find a local photo service to take passport photos for Canada. Apparently because they are so strict. I placed my order through passportphotonow\'s website on a Monday afternoon are 11am and I recieved my photos the very next day and I did not pay any extra for expedited service or shipping! I am located in the same state as the shipper but still what fabulous turn around time and the photos look great. Thank you so much for making this process so easy and fast for me. When I need to renew my passports, I am coming back!
Heather Hew
North Tustin, CA

FOID picture looks exactly as expected, thanks.
Chicago, IL


Thanks so much for this Bruce as it has been a challenge this time around for my Canadian passport renewal to get this picture taken here in Wilmington. I am quite sure that my wife will be contacting your web site in 2015 for the same exercise.



Randall Dolbel, RN
Wilmington, NC 28401-3331 

I'm a Canadian living in the United States. In the past when I needed to renew my passport, I'd go to a local photo shop (in Canada) and they'd get it done fast and efficiently. But I live in the South now and photo dimensions are very different from Canadian dimensions. I've since learned that the Canadian criteria for passport photos are stringent and particular. 

First I went to CVS (a local drugstore) to have my passport photos taken. I had these photos signed and FedEx'ed to Passport Canada. They were rejected for not meeting proper dimensions. I then went to Sears who supposedly was set up to take Canadian passport photos. I had these signed by my guarantor and FedEx'ed to Passport Canada. They were rejected because of shadows in the background. Exasperated, I found Passport Photo Now online, emailed a picture of myself I had taken at home and crossed my fingers that this would work. Bruce sent the formatted and hard copy pictures back to me in no time and with optimum professionalism. I had them signed by my guarantor, FedEx'ed to Passport Canada and in three weeks, I got my passport in the mail.

Thanks Bruce. 
Huntsville, AL

I was a bit nervous ordering passport photos on the internet, and also worried that the photos might be rejected by the Canadian passport office. 

However, Bruce proved to be a perfectionist and after rejecting the first photo that I emailed him, he promptly printed the second photo. I received two stamped photos in the mail, as advertised, within a few days. Everything was accepted in Canada and all went well. I would heartily recommend PassportPhotoNow to any foreign nationals living in the US!!
Oxford, MS

Thank you so much for your excellent photos for my Canadian passport. I received them from you very quickly and they were accepted the first time around. I highly recommend Passport Photo Now. 
Rochester, NY

THANK YOU Bruce!! So happy that I found your website after almost giving up. I was trying to find somewhere to obtain Canadian passport photos here in California but was having no luck at all. Not only were you able to provide photos but the service/feedback was great. My fiance will be needing photos for her US passport as well, which can be gotten anywhere but we will be using your service for that as well. Why go anywhere else...we can do it all from the comfort of our home. 

Thanks again Bruce.

Rocco Montreuil
San Bernardino, CA



"Excellent service! I was quite desperate to find a photographer to take a  Canada visa picture of us with such strict specifications. I found this website and read all the great testimonials and I have to say all of them are true. We are very much satisfied with the results, the process was easy and we were clearly guided by specific instructions from the website as well as by Bruce and the service is excellent. I would definitely use this again if some other need arises and would definitely recommend this to everyone."

Honey B.

Fresno,CA ______________________________________________
For a few years I have been hunting places that make Canadian passport size photos and it was a challenge to get the exact sizes from the Local Wallgreens and stores that make passport photos. saved me so much hassle and money, with time. I had to submit 4 different shots of mine (THEY WERE THOROUGH IN THEIR JOB TO SATISFY ME); the result was a flawless job and a speedy renewal of my passport within a week of them receiving it in CANADA. Thank you Bruce!
Vishal C
Los Angels, CA

We just received my daughter\'s Canadian passport!! There was NO problem with the photo and we are thrilled. 
Passport Photo Now turned around the picture in no time and they were exactly what we needed. 
I have phoned the Canadian Consulate in Atlanta to let them now about this great service!!!
I encourage anyone else who has used this service to phone their closest consulate and let them know where Canadians can get their photos done here in the states!
Thank you SO much for providing this very necessary service. Fabulous!!!
Granite, NC


You provide quality photographs efficiently and economically and your customer service is excellent. This was my second experience and, as with the first, I am completely satisfied and have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

 Janat Jacob

Great quality, UK visa passed! Efficient work, too!
Tony Qiu
Atlanta, GA

I live in Florida and use their service every year for visas or passport photos for Canada. They have never disappointed me and that is why I always go back to this website. Never had any problems and usually receive my order 3 days later.

Guillaume Labelle
Champions Gate, FL


Got a prompt response from Bruce about picture specifications.. excellent service and pics were delivered within a week... no problems with the US passport pics.. 
Sharad Gupta
Farmington Hills, MI

Efficient and professional service! We received our Canadian passport pictures quickly, and we did not have any issue of rejection from Passport Canada. 

Thank you so much!
Linda Goulet
Naperville, IL

I was searching for a long time for some place that can give me passport pictures for Canadian passport which has different specification than US. Had problem a lot of places even at Sears. Then i came along with this website and it really helped me, got the right pictures per spec and no issues in getting them on time and no rejection of pictures from the passport authority.

great place, good facility.
Detroit, MI

I was at a loss living in the U.S. and needing a Canadian passport. No companies in the U.S. have the correct specifications that Canada requires. I was a little Leary at first but I am glad now that I decided to use it. Very professional photo 
Dennis McKenna
Struthers, OH

I ordered my Poland passport photos on Saturday. An hour later I got an e-mail from PassportPhotoNow notifying me that my photos had already been shipped. I received them on Monday! I chose the Priority Mail. I am very satisfied with the service.

Key West, FL

Needed to renew my CDN passport - unfortunately the one shop that could produce the correct photos in my town had gone out of business. Was faced with running the guanlet of several hour drives to the NOVA/DC area, but then found this site. Turnaround time was very quick - cleaned up the less than perfect background perfectly. Just received my renewed passort today - so I know they produce as good a quality product as they claim.

So many headaches were solved here
Charlottesville, VA

Hi Bruce! It\'s always been very difficult to get our Canadian passport pictures done here in the Lehigh Valley, PA. I\'m so glad to have found your site. I emailed you our pictures Sunday night and I had them in our hands within the week. The only thing you couldn\'t do was make me look 20 years younger tee hee. Keep up the great work.
Trudy Miller
Tatamy, PA

I needed 4 picture photo\'s for a Irish Passport in North Carolina It was hard to find a place that could get it right, because weather you renewing your passport or applying for the first time . You need the photo\'s to be on because they will send them back to you. That's why I went to Bruce at Passport Photo Now
Thomas Gallagher
Leland, NC

HI Bruce,

The passport pictures were perfect! I went to the Canadian Consulate up in LA and the representative literally said," these were the perfect passport photos," and that she would recommend you to others who come in-she wrote down the name of your company =).  Thank you again for your fantastic services. 


Excellent service...thanks for your patience :) 
Marc M
Essex, VT

EFFICIENT and PROFESSIONAL. I requested an ASAP turn around as I was leaving the country within 2 weeks and had to have a full passport processed through the Australian Consulate. I sent my photo on-line on a Thursday afternoon, after 5pm and when I checked my inbox that evening, the photo had already been processed and in the mail. I received the complete photos in the mail on Saturday. Very efficient. I now have my passport in hand, so obviously the photos were perfect. Thanks again and I highly recommend
Brentwood, CA

Thank you for doing a great job! I especially appreciated the fact that you didn\'t simply accept the first picture I sent in, but had me redo it in order to meet the Dutch passport requirements. Keep up the good work!
Dick deRoover
Sherwood, OR
Hi Bruce 

I just received my spouse's passport from Canada. I can't thank you enough for your excellent work. I would recommend to everyone to use your service to get their passport photos done. I will be sending you an order shortly for the rest of our family. A+ 


Ordered my photos Monday late afternoon, they arrived in Wednessday's mail. Photos perfectly meet the Canadian passport requirements. This is the second time I've used your passport photo service.
Irvine, CA

2/19/2013 is a convenient and economic place for printing out passport and special visa photos. There are some places in California that can print out Canada visa photos for us. However, I have to get the entire family members there at a same time to take photos. More importantly, the price for my Canada visa photos is rock-high (about 3 times higher without digital version, 4 times higher with digital version) with 3 of us. For these reasons, I finally chose this online photo printing service and it turned out working very well. 

The process was very easy: we took photos at home with a reference of their easy-to-use photo-taking tips listed on the website, and then uploaded, and paid online. I asked for sending the digital visa photos back to me by email. They mailed me the physical photos within 3 days and emailed me the digital copies right away. I like the service because it is convenient, economic, and fast. I recommend for those with special visa photo needs, international travelers, and those who don’t have time to stop by CVS or Walgreens for passport photos. 
Mandy He
Walnut, CA

Great service. They even caught a less than perfect picture and we modified it before sending it to the Passport Agency, saving us a possible rejection.
Al Moore
Naperville, IL

Great service! Bruce is very helpful, and gets the photos out in a timely fashion. Used them before, used them now, and will use them in the future.
Delray, FL

Outstanding service! Extremely fast delivery. The photos were accurately prepared in accordance with Canadian Immigration requirements. This is one of the most reliable online services that I have ever known. I will continue to be use this service and highly recommend it. Thanks!
Dristin Suarez
Vega Alta, Puerto Rico

This site made it incredibly easy to get quality passport pictures for my newborn son. The first pictures I sent in had too many shadows and they quickly let me know how to correct it. Once I sent appropriate pictures they arrived in the mail in a day or two. Amazing! I got them faster then it would have taken me to go to CVS, and CVS wouldnt have given me personalized support.
Jose Schiavone
Washington DC

Just returned from our passport appointment in Los Angeles and the photos were accepted without any hesitation. I took photos of my two children at home and the photos arrived a day or two later. They got rid of the shadow on the background as mentioned on their site. This is a great service that I'll definitely be using again. Thanks!
Rossmoor, CA

Great service! I'm located outside America right now, and needed photos for a visa. I received a speedy response when my photo needed to be retaken. I was given prompt updates and the photos arrived in time for my overseas trip. Thanks so much for this online service - would recommend to everyone!!! 
Katie H
Kandahar, Afaghanistan

I sent Bruce a reduced size image of a professional photo I'd once had taken. He emailed back and patiently explained the image was too small. I sent him another that was still too small. Even when I sent the original, it was cropped too tight. But I begged, and he made it work! He also erased the dark background and replaced it with one the passport needed. 

Great job, rush delivery. Low, low price. 

Thank you, Bruce! 
Redwood City, CA

This is a great service!! It is simple to use and it has that human touch. 
I sent my first photo in and I received a confirmation email that it was received but that it could not be used. Bruce gave me some pointers about how to make it better. I followed those instructions and sent the new photo that day. I had the Passport Application ready photos in 2 or 3 days!! 
Perry Voisin
Anderson, SC

I just wanted to thank you for, not only the high quality passport photos, but also the amazingly speedy delivery! I was finding it very difficult to find somewhere that was willing to take the photos I needed for my Italian passport. I took a shot with this website after reading all of the exceptional reviews. I could not be any happier with my purchase! I highly recommend Passport Photo Now; you won't be disappointed. 

Thanks again! 

Waukegan, IL

I am very, very impressed with the quality of your photos. They're to the exact specifications of the Canadian requirements. SUPER service, thanks. lar
Luke Rostocki, MD
Summersville, WV

Very good and fast service. I submitted photos I took for my son's non-standard photo size Japanese passport in the evening on Tuesday night and they were sized, printed, in the mail on Wed and in my hands by Friday. I have no doubt they'll work just fine when we make the trip from Tucson to LA to get a new passport.
Gregory Beisley
Tucson, AZ


I used your photo printing service as it was only place I could find that would do UK passport sized photo cutting. Sorry for the extremely late reply, it took me a while to gather all the other materials for my UK passport and I was waiting to see if the photos would be accepted. And they were! Thank you profusely for your services (and quick turn around time!). If anyone is skeptical about whether or not your printing is good enough for government photos, I hope this eases their minds. It works! 


I could not find a commercial photographer in or near Billings, Montana that could do a Canadian Passport Photo. The stress was unbearable, as a Canadian living in the US, I needed these photos. I found this website and was so pleased with how easy and convenient this was, the super quality of the photos and speed of delivery! Wow! Thank you so much for this service!
Billings, MT

To find a place around San Antonio that does Canadian Passport photos was like looking for a needle in a haystack. There really wasn't any place. Even the places that did professional photos, like Sears or Wallmart didn't meet the requirements. 

If I had know about your sight in January, I would have been home by then, and wouldn't have been denied three times. 

Today I got my passport and it was due to you. Thank you so much and I seriously do recommend you to anyone. For helping us make sure the photo that we sent you met the requirements for you to work with took us three attempts. You were patient with us and very easy to work with. 

Again, thank you so very much. 
Happy holidays to you and yours. 
San Antonio, TX

Excellent service, very helpful and professional, in fact my wife is going to use this service. Highly recommended and will utilize as needed.
Richard Jones
Ballston Lake, NY

I've had so many issues renewing my Canadian passport in the past. My application was rejected a couple of times due to improper shading, wrong size, wrong facial impression. I was so relieved when I received my passport after the first try with you!!! Thank you so much and keep up the good work.
Long Beach, CA

I am a Canadian living in the US and it is very difficult to find passport or visa photos that are the correct size for the Canadian requirements. Passport Photo Now is a great service that is quick and affordable.
Fresno, CA

My photos came quickly, were packed nicely, and were exactly as I hoped. I was worried when I couldn't find anywhere to get photos sized for a French passport, but this site has been a lifesaver. I haven't used the photos yet, but I will post again after I do. Thanks so much for such a convenient service at a great price! 

Very impressed with the quick service!  I received my photos with 48 hours of placing my order and the price was less than having them done locally. 
Bonsall, CA

Thank you for such prompt and professional service. I will recommend your website to my friends.
Andrew Levy
Costa Mesa, CA

Thank you for your prompt service!
After searching without luck for a local place to take the Irish passport photo, I came across the testimonies for your business.  The process was so simple, quick, and well done.  Positive vibes will be sent your way every time my passport is used!   Slainte!
Noreen Moreschi

I am impressed. I took a photo with my iPhone and asked for FOID photo prints, the images came correctly sized on semi-glossy photo paper, color was corrected, and the background was cropped and replace by a white one. My photos arrived in about a week and I would honestly recommend and BisonPhoto. 
Patrick Hogan
Nashville, IL


I had TWO sets of photos rejected by the Canadian passport office before I discovered this website/service. As noted elsewhere in these testimonials, US photo outlets are not usually set up to provide photos with non-US specifications. A Canadian passport official told me on the phone that they rejected quite a few applications of US origin for this reason.

This service is easy to use and reasonably priced with very fast and efficient service. I have just received my new passport. If I had known about this website at the outset, I could have saved myself a lot of time, hassle and money. I am a very satisfied customer: highly recommended.
Nigel Bramwell
Kalamazoo, MI

Professional service at a reasonable price.  I live in Plano, Texas, the local shop will charge me twice as much for the photo service from  I placed an online order with my new born son jpg file, the next day I got an email asking for a better quality photo due to the fact that our upload photo is not in good focus and head size is too big.  I retake the photo according to their recommendation and in a week or so I have received the photos for my son's Canadian Citizenship application.  Overall, great service and great price. Will do business with them again.
Plano, TX

Bruce Hallstrom is great. I had difficulty taking the photo I needed with the correct lighting/formating, but he helped me via email back and fort for a period of time until we got the shot he needed. Thanks for you help and patience, Bruce!  
Lauren Sweitzer
New Canaan, CT


Found this site when looking for a new photo for my Canadian passport.  I looked around Meridian and could not find a place that was not going to take 2 weeks and cost $45.  One other place I found I would have had to over 2 hours just to get a photo.  I'm so glad I found this site!!  It made it so easy and fast.  I got the photos and mailed my application to Canada and only 2 weeks later I have received the new passport in the mail.  Thank you for such great service.   I gave the lady that takes pictures for passports at the post office the website and a card, so she can pass  the information on to other people needing the service.  :)    I am happy and impressed with the service.  Thanks again!!!
Meridian, MS

For a Canadian living in Southern California, this is a very helpful and convenient service. Bruce came to our house to take the photos. There were no problems at all with my passport application. Highly recommended.
John Wooden
Huntington Beach, CA


This year I found that the 2 previous places I had gone to for Canadian passport photos were no longer doing them! Always a hassle in the best of times!!  In desperation I googled "Where can I get Canadian Passport Photos?"

and came up with Let me tell you the site was wonderful....easy instructions, super fast service and accurate photo dimensions, peculiar to Canadian passport photos!

We took the photos on our home digital camera (easy!!!!) and sent them to the site (easy!!), ordered them on Sun. & were received in the mail on Thurs. (awesome!). NO FUSS, NO MUSS!!

We even measured the returned photo and it was EXACTLY to the specs. required!!  Thanks so much for the trouble free photos, and I would highly recommend to anyone searching for Canadian passport photos!

Gail Davis......Flower Mound, Texas


Bruce Hallstrom of does an incredible job!  He did our Canadian passports correctly the first time!  Bruce understands all the technical requirements necessary to satisfy the government's passport specifications.  Very fast and reasonably priced service.  Highly recommended!
Newport Beach, CA

From a 100% completely satisfied customer, THANKS VERY MUCH Bruce for the professional service you've accomplished on my Australian passport photos. Well done, you got the required dimensions spot on (no repeats!) and I just received my Australian passport by courier today. And in record time I must say from start to finish. For the cost of the service and the professional quality of the photo output, this service is highly recommended to Australians in the U.S. for their passport requirements.
cheers, Angelee Yap
Irvine, CA


Bruce Hallstrom of does an incredible job!  He did our Canadian passports correctly the first time!  Bruce understands all the technical requirements necessary to satisfy the government's passport specifications.  Very fast and reasonably priced service.  Highly recommended!
Gerald Anderson
Irvine, CA

The service was fantastic.  Bruce made it right even when the Canadian Government suddenly changed their requirements for citizenship photos after I placed my order.  I recommended this site to a friend and he had great results as well.  Thank you!
San Diego, CA

I was unsure about using ANY site to crop and print my picture for my US Passport renewal but I can tell you that I am beyond impressed with the quality and service from this site. Thank you for putting my mind at ease! Great job ~ thank you!
Redondo Beach, CA


Excellent, quick service.  I tried to do this myself for my wife's British passport.  I submitted what I thought were perfect photos, but, alas, they were rejected.

Bruce was quite helpful over the phone, and via e-mail. I took multiple photos with several cameras, and I wasn't sure which one was best. He told me to send in the photo that I thought was best, and he would let me know if it didn't pass muster.

He returned the prints quickly, and the British passport office accepted them.  Good work!
Mark Yemma
Trabuco Canyon, CA


I am very happy with my recent purchase. Bruce has provided my need for my Malaysian passport renewal. Thank you so much for your service!

Roy Lim
Memphis, TN



Thank you so much for your professional service and helpful advice for the photo!! After received my canada visa photos, I just order another set of photo again! Thanks!! 
Laramie, WY

Perfect Canadian passport photos. Saved a lot of aggraviation, time and money!

Five Stars on this one!
Bogalusa, LA


Thanks ever so much!!! I used this website to have my Canadian passport printed, I got the pictures by mail in 2 days. Very quick service. I'm impressed.

I just got my Canadian passport by mail this week. Highly recommended...
Tamp, FL


I echo many of the comments on this page. I needed a photo for my Russian Visa.  I tried many of the local passport photo places.  I told them the dimensions I needed for my photo and got blank stares back from them. It seemed unless I needed a standard 2X2 US passport photo, I was out of luck.  I found Passport Photo Now on the Web and realized they also processed visa photos.  They made the whole process a breeze.  They had great instruction on exactly how to take the picture and how to submit the order. I received good communications from them. The photo was received quickly and it was the prefect size.
Seattle, WA


I found when I googled the address of a local photographer who specialized in Canadian passport photos here in Tampa Bay.  He wanted $25 for each set! I read the testimonials, grabbed my camera and took the family photos myself in minutes.  Days later I received them:  Fast, cheap and to the exact specs.  Can't believe I almost threw $50+ away.  I have been telling everyone about this little-known option.
Lori C.
Petersburg, FL

I'm a Canadian trying to renew my passport from the states.  The forms were easy enough to fill out but then the photo... CVS, Walmart, everyone does their passport photos 2x2 inches.  I couldn't get anyone to change their sizes for the Canadian passport.  Until I found this site!  I took the picture and sent it to your site, and in 3 days I have perfect passport photos, with perfect measurements.  I'm so impressed, you made my day!
Crestview, FL


Thank you so much Bruce for your patience and care over our British passport photos. It is incredibly difficult to get these done in the U.S. so we were so glad to have found your service.

We will gladly recommend you to all our expat friends!
Cherrie Lakey
Long Beach, CA


I tried to get a British Passport photo here in LA. Besides the accent, using mm and showing the assistant a template didn't help me at all. Luckily after wasting my time at CSV I found these guys online. And for the same price sent me within a few days the exact thing I needed. Thanks Guys
Culver City, CA



Last fall while travelling south from Canada to Florida, our motorhome caught fire on the highway and it and everything inside were totally lost.  This included our Canadian passports, my Canadian Citizenship card, and all of my ID cards.    Return to Canada was not possible without my passport, so we continued south to our boat and spent the next 2 months re-establishing all of our identity documents.  The last step was my Citizenship card and our passports.  My husband and I spent 2 weeks trying to find a photographer in the Jacksonville area, who was capable of producing the exact  specifications of first the Citizenship card photo, then different specs for our passport photographs.   Our contacts at  the Canadian Consulate in Miami were very helpful in vetting the offerings we emailed to them and advising us that they would not be acceptable to the Canadian Government.  One day I stumbled on a forum where people were talking about similar experiences, and driving hundreds of miles to find a suitable photography studio.  I also read about PassportPhotoNow, based in California.  I thought it was too good to be true, however, I wrote to Bruce Hallstrom and he assured me he could come up with the goods.  He suggested we get a digital camera, take relatively wide photos in front of a white wall and email them to him and he would do the rest.  Finding a white wall in a boatyard was impossible, so off we went to Walgreen's, borrowed their white photo background and took shots of each other with a borrowed camera.  I emailed them right away to Bruce and within a very short time, he wrote back to say they were being picked up at noon, the same day, and I received them within 2 business days.  They were totally acceptable. I am very happy to recommend PassportPhotoNow.  The service was fast, accurate and affordable and it was a pleasure dealing with them.
Jennifer Allan
From a Motorhome trip from Canada to Florida


I've been looking for places in Corona to take Canadian visa photo but there are no places that are willing to take. I found this website online and decided to give it a try. I got my photo immediately the next day, very fast and efficient and they are all in the specs that the Canadian Consulate needed. Got my visa within 2 weeks. Thanks!
Corona, CA

After a frustrating day of searching for a local place to take a Canadian passport photo, I was fortunate to select online to process a photo for me.  They were prompt ( 3 days) , professional (made sure my photo met the requirements), and reasonable.  I highly recommend them!!!  
West Sacramento, CA


Transaction was very easy and I received my passport photos much faster than expected.  Photo paper was of excellent quality.  I will definately use for future photos.  
Houston, TX

I was very happy with the service and the quality of the pictures.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for quality photos for passports.
Macon, GA


Passport Photo now was fast, and easy.  When I sent over my pictures, they were not the right lighting, they were quick to respond back so I could fix it and still get my photos when I needed them.  I would recommend there online service to anyone.  They are great.
Ryan MacDonald
York, PA


Excellent and expedient service! The photos turned out great! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Passport Photo Now for anyone's passort/visa/ID photo printing needs!

Thank you so much! I look forward to ordering from you again in the near future!
San Francisco, CA


If only I had known about this service before my original passport photos were rejected.

Access to Australian passport photos is limited and there was not much helpful information offered. I followed the advise of the consulate and my photos were still rejected.

There were no issues with this service. Quick and easy.
Anaheim, CA


I needed a photo for my 5 year renewal of my Illinois FOID (Firearms Owner ID) card, so gave this a try.   They were quick, and the photo (2 copies) received were excellent quality and sized perfectly.
Garret Green
Sugar Grove, IL

Very fast and efficient service. Thank you!
Los Angeles, CA

Great job, great price, quick turnaround and very convenient!  I went to a photo studio to get a Canadian passport photo for my young daughter.  The passport application was rejected because of the picture.  Such a waste of time and money.  But then I found this website, uploaded a photo and received the pictures in the mail quickly.  My application was accepted and I owe thanks to PassportPhotoNow.  I will definitely use this service in the future and would highly recommend them.
New York, NY

WOW is all I can say! What a great service! Trying to find photos for a UK passport in the States is a nightmare. By luck I found this site. All of my questions via email were answered in less than a day and various options were explained to me. I downloaded my photos on a Saturday, they were processed Monday, and I had them on the Tuesday. Just got my passport back today with no problems! I can't believe there is a business out there that offers a unique service with great customer service and the price is so reasonable. I highly recommend using this company!
Costa Mesa, CA

Bruce meets a great need in offering this service and does so with such patience and excellent results.
Janet Jacob
Long Beach, CA

Very impressed with this service!  As a Canadian living in the US, it is very difficult to find a photographer who can take a Canadian passport photo which meets the regulations and specifications required in Canada.  This online service was very quick, easy, and convenient for getting a passport photo that will be accepted by the Canadian government.  Moreover, it is very reasonably priced!  
Graham Krahn 
Riverside, CA

I just recently ordered two sets of Greek passport photos and I have to say that I was pretty impressed! I was very happy with the outcome of the photos and how quickly they came. The price was great and being able to purchase them online was so nice. Instead of having to waste gas going downtown to take these photos, I just took the photos myself and had them returned to me within 10 days! I probably saved myself a lot of money ordering my pictures off of Thanks!

Houston, TX 77086

Thank you so much for making the passport photo for my UK passport so simple. I simply downloaded my photo to BisonPhoto and I received my photos within 2 days.

I would definitely recommend this company to provide passport photos.

Eleanor Dysinger
Bruce was wonderful to work with.I was going to renew my Canadian passport while on vacation in Ottawa but needed to bring official photos with me. Bruce was so helpful I have gained weight and I needed to send several photos via email because both my ears and chubby face were not too easy to get just right. Bruce kept me informed till we got the right one because if they refused the photo in Ottawa......I was very pleased the extra time he took to do the job right. P.s. I now have my new passport!!!       Thanks Bruce your worth every penny!!

Mary Ann Murphy
Fountain Valley, CA

Thank you soooooo much!!

I have been struggling for some time to get a UK sized passport photograph and I was starting to think it was impossible.  It had taken me weeks of searching around pharmacies and post offices without any success before I found this site through Once I found you guys, it took just a matter of a few days to have my pictures ready and sent back to me.  I appreciated the clear instructions you gave me regarding the picture requirements and then you guys did the rest.  It was very quick and easy.

Thanks again,

Los Angeles
Just received my Canadian passport today!  I am very pleased with this service, I didn't have to leave my house, and got a perfect passport photo that fulfilled the requirements. Thanks again for making it so much easier than I thought this process would be! 

Newport Beach, CA 92660

I ordered 3 sets of photos for my son' s Canadian passport. I wasn't sure if the photo that I sent to passportphotonow was good so I sent them an email to ask. Bruce called me the next day and sent me an email when the photos are done. The photos came in a couple of days. I'm very satisfied about their service and will order the passport photos for myself soon. Thanks!

 Mary from Albany, NY
I am a Canadian living here in the US, and when it's time to renew my Canadian Passport, it's always a hassle finding a Photo Shop that can do Canadian Passport Pictures, no fault of the Photo Shops here in the States, because they are proficient at doing USA Passport Photos which are different than the ones needed for Canadian Passports; However, 'PASSPORT PHOTO NOW' makes it pain free and easy for myself and for that matter any Canadian living here in the States with the same problem in finding a shop that can do Canadian Passport Photos; and did I mention the fast service, I submitted my order on Tuesday and got the Photos on Friday; I will have no problem in recommending this service to any of my fellow Canadians that I know here in the States.
Thank you,
Belton, TX

I submitted my wife's passport photos online.  They were processed and sent out the same day.  We received them within a couple of days after we placed the order.  It was an extremely simple and quick online process and even faster completion.  If you need photos processed and delivered quickly, this is the place.

 Doug Ivan
Newport Beach, CA
Quick turnaround. I like the final product. I wish the envelope I received it in were rigid, it would have offered the photos more protection. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. I would use them again in the future for my US passport photos and recommend them to others.

Aurora, IL 60504


I have received all the photos you have sent me. They look excellent! Thanks for your help. I will pass on your site info to some of our other Canadian friends.

 - Vince Desai
This is a great website to get passport photos. The attention is personalized. First, I made a mistake taking photos for my little kid. However, they gave me a great orientation on how to take the pictures. Next time I sent a bunch of photos and they selected the best option for me. The photos arrived in a couple of days and I was able to proceed with the passport application accordingly. This was a great service and I strongly recommend it!

Manuel Morales
Nashville, TN
I had a hard time to find any store to do my canadian passport photos in PA until I found this website. They have very good service and fast delivery. I would like to use their service again in the future. A lot of thanks.

Bethlehem, PA

We ordered four Canadian passport photos in the middle of week from Florida, and they arrived within few days!

In the past, I had problems getting exactly what the passport office required even though they were taken by a professional photographer in Florida.

At this time, I took a chance in taking my own pictures and send them to this company

When they arrived they were perfectly sized and formatted to meet the exact standards of the Canadian specs. Thank you so much.!!.
Vince Desai
Orlando, FL

Fantstic service for my UK passport!

Bruce helped me get exactly the right shot that he could then convert into a UK passport photo! Fantastic service
Mission Viejo, CA
Excellent service! Had a bit of trouble on my end, but Bruce was back and forth with me via email for a several days until it all got worked out. Thanks so much for the great service with my canadian citizenship photos and fast shipping!
New Canaan, CT
Great service! I used this website in order to get Canadian Citizenship photos printed and was very impressed. Not only did the pictures arrive quickly but they were very good at letting me know about the picture requirements and even gave me tips on how to make my pictures perfect in order for them to be accepted by the Canadian government. Great at correspondence as well.

Thank you again!
Jeanette Goleta, CA

It worked great for me. Pretty satisfied with the service !

Santa Monica
My father and I have both ordered sets of Canadian citizenship photos. The service we received was both high in quality and much speedier than I expected. My Dad received his photos in the mail only a few days after the order was placed, and the photo met all the correct requirements (as demonstrated by the successful application for his card). When I sent my own order, Bruce took the time to contact me about a problem with the photo and allowed me to email him a new one, which I received in the mail within a week. I would certainly use this service again.
Thank you!
Massena, NY
I used - BisonPhoto to renew my British Passport and they were able to size the photographs to the specific dimensions required by the UK.  My photos were delivered timely and my new passport came within 4 weeks.  I would highly recommend this service.
Laguna Hills, CA

I am extremely thankful to you.  I needed Australian Passport photos for my 2 year old son.  I took the picture and emailed it off you. You responded ASAP, saying that I had to redo the picture due to some lighting issues etc, that were all my doing.  I retook the new photo and sent it off again. I had the pictures mailed to me and in hand within in 48 hours of me taking the orginal pictures. Great fast service!

Finally, Australian Passport photos are different sizes than U.S.A passport photos. I went to 3 different places that all said they could not do it. In future, I will just come straight to you!

Thanks again

Jay Hasler
Los Angeles, CA

I am giving Passport Photo Now 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars for the quality and quickness of their service.  I am completely satisfied with how the photos came out and I had no problem with the Canadian Passport office regarding the photos.

The photos were done professionally and I received the photos in less than 3 days.  I mean, I had some doubt about photo services online but after using I will be a repeat customer for sure in the future.

Thank you ,

I found /  through a Google search. I was desperate to find somewhere I could get photos for an Australian passport renewal and was having absolutely no luck. All the photographic studios seemed unable to comprehend that any country could require a passport photo that was a different size from a US passport!

 The service was so easy to use it seemed too good to be true! I uploaded my pictures, paid through PayPal (far less than any studio had quoted me), received an acknowledgement email within an hour and a second email later that day advising me the photos had been mailed. The pictures arrived the following day, I forwarded them to the Australian Consulate and received my new passport without a hitch.

 I can't say enough good things about the service and thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for passport photos. It's easy to use, fast, hassle free, professional and provides photos that comply with the requirements of the country involved. It took what was showing all the signs of being a nightmare and turned it into a no brainer.

 Thanks again Brian, Marli McGraw.

"BisonPhoto provided excellent service and an extremely quick turnaround. Bruce even jumped in and helped with the cropping to make sure that the British Passport came out perfect. This was much more convenient than going into a physical location for the pictures." Scott

Thank you Bruce for doing such a great job on my British Passport photos.  I had great difficulty finding anyone in Orange County who could do the photos at the required size and in fact only found a business in LA.  Thank you for making it so easy and affordable too.
Much appreciated! 
Lesley Dana Point, CA.

I just got word that my passport is completed, so there were not hitches with the photos. I have to say that when I started looking for photographers in Houston to do Australian passport photos I thought I'd have a chance. As it turns out, I have more chance of flying to the moon from Houston than I do of finding a passport photographer for Australian passport photos. Thanks for your quick turnaround and for everything turning out just like it was promised. I'll be using your service again for renewing all of my family's passports.

Thank you,

Houston, TX

"We have been using Bison Photo's services for years. The photo quality is top notch and the service stellar.  Our photos are always printed efficiently and we plan to continue to use their services in the years to come.
 ~Christina M."
Excellent service with quick turn around time. The ordering process was very simple. 


I tried for Canadian Visa Photos in places like walgreens,walmart ,CVS but couldnt get it done as they dont do photos for that specification. Finally got it done via It was fast , efficient , professional last but not least got the job done.

Thank you.
Ram D.

I recently had business with I like the simple and easy web service. The business owner is very responsible and quick to follow up the business and reply my emails. I received my photo six days after I placed my order online. I am very satisfied with the photo and service. I would like to do business again and highly recommend it. 


"I order two Canadian citizenship size photos and I received them within a couple of days (I'm in the U.S). At first, I was reluctant to do this through the internet since the concept is new to me, but I am very happy I came across Bison Photo. I will definitely consider them in the future."

I received my passport photos in the mail today, less than a week after I submitted my order online.  Needless to say, I am thrilled with the outcome.  It's surprisingly difficult to get a photo sized to Greek passport dimensions here in the Portland area. Searching for available options online, I came across your website and "long distance" service.  Taking a gamble, I went for it, as my options were limited (or non-existent).  I'm glad I did, as the results are perfect with everything correctly measured down to the last milimeter.  Thank you for your assistance with this, and I'll be in touch in five years when this next passport expires!

George K GeraniosVancouver, Washington

We had a bad experience ordering from epassportphotos. They were supposed to be sent to Walgreens. They never arrived. I emailed and they told me to give them a different Walgreens store. I did, and they never showed up there either. I've sent several emails (they don't have a phone number), and no response. So finally i just had my credit card cancel the transaction. I found you guys and felt safe because there was a phone number on your website, which I called after-hours just to verfiy. It's hard to know when doing these things online. Thanks!

Dawn Grabs

just now received the citizenship documents for both our kids. I can now say that your service was exactly what we needed as far as the correct photo specs and it was incredibly  easy to do. Certainly well worth the money and your promtness was appreciated. I would recommend your service to anyone needing photo documents. Thanks again. 
David S.

I just got my passport and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, a spectacular job. I would highly recommend using your services to anyone. I will definitely be a repeat customer. THANKS AGAIN Vince.
2/10/2011 provides an excellent service.  I have use them many times and have never had any problems.  My photos always come out perfect.  I highly recommend them.  They do quality work and are super fast getting my photos to me.  Not to mention very reasonable prices.  I will definitely continue to use them in the future.
Dear Bruce,
We have got the passport photos just right for Canadian Immigration. It was fast and professional ! Thank you very much for the good customer Service and saving us money.
Aharoni Family

I had tried to get citizenship photos at a lot of different stores only to be told that they were not able to accommodate the strict rules required by Canada. I found Passport Photo Now on the internet and thought I would give it a try. The pictures where perfect. They were the right dimensions, had the signature strip, were on the correct paper, and were cropped exactly right. The price was good and the delivery was very timely. Being able to send in your own picture was a great idea also. I will definitely recommend Passport Photo Now to anyone who needs passport or citizenship photos.

Thank you Passport Photo Now.

James Callan

I got the photos and they are just exactly what you described! Thank you VERY much! I have been talking about your services all week. Look forwards to orders from friends I talked to last night who hold European, Canadian and US passports. They agreed at how hard it is to find the ONE place in your city who doesn't give you crazy looks when you request an international ID photo. Thanks for the great service.

I am so glad I found Bison Photo by doing a Google search for Canadian Passport photographers in Los Angeles.  The services they offer are an enormous convenience for us.  We live in Victorville and Bruce, at Bison Photo, saved us a long trip down the hill with his ability to perform the requirements for my wife's Canadian passport via the internet.  Bruce was so patient with my first few unsuccessful photos that I sent to him.  But this only proves that he pays attention to detail and does the job right.  Many thanks Bruce !
Bob & Dana
Thanks for your quick service. Ordering the pictures from your website was a great experience. I would definitely recommend it to others especially those looking to get pictures done for children or infants. It was quick and easy with great customer service!
Laura MacNeil

Hi Bruce,Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your services!!! It was so great to be able to take my own photo for my passport instead of hoping going to the post office for a pic would result in something halfway decent. Your printing was perfect, adhering to the passport requirements and I received them promptly!

Thank you so much.


Dear Bruce, 
Thank you for getting the passport photos done so quickly. Up until I found your website I had been struggling to find a way to Produce the photos for my Australian passport renewal form. I had been to all the Normal channels, i.e. USPS, Walgrens etc. but they were only Able to produce the US standard 2" x 2".I even contacted the Australian Consulate in Washington and they could only suggest a photographic Studio. What was looking very difficult turned out to be very simple. I sent the photo to you on Friday and had them in my hand on Monday.

Thanks again,

Donald May

Vice President/Technician 
Glendale, CA 

I received my photos in a timely fashion. The process was easy, fast, and inexpensive. Thanks so much for doing a great job.

Lina R. Vitkauskas
Chicago, IL 60640

Excellent service! 
I live in Toronto area and my daughter is currently in Mexico. We needed pictures of my daughter to continue with her Canadian citizenship application. Even though, she tried to get her pictures in Mexico, it was not possible. The pictures didn't meet the Canadian requirements.

I started searching on-line and found ''. No having more options, I took the risk.

I'm amazed with your excellent service; I really appreciate the great customer service. My daughter pictures were uploaded on Sunday morning. Monday evening were shipped out to Canada and Wednesday I received them. The quality is excellent and the pictures meet the Canadian guidelines. Thank you very much! 

Thanks Bruce for the excellent service you offer.


I searched high and low for a local photographer or passport photo agency who could produce my Canadian Citizenship application photos. None of them had any idea what I was talking about. Thankfully, knew exactly what was required, and even advised me on how best to take a digital photo that would meet the exacting specifications required for these photos. Thanks!

-Paul Grassie

I needed Canadian citizenship photos, and no one in my city knew what they were, much less took them. I found Passport PhotoNow online, and I'm delighted that I did. My husband took the photo of me. We sent it in. And in less than a week I had the photos in the right format. I am very pleased with the quality, speed, and price of the service.

Leslie Irvine

Longmont, Colorado

Hi Bruce
It was extremely difficult to find a place that would take Canadian passport photos in town. Most places would flat out decline and the other places that tried did not even know the requirements for Canadian passports.

The only other alternative was to take a day off and drive 2-3 hours to the Los Angeles area then drive another 2-3 hours back. Thanks to you we were able to get the photos we needed very quickly. We sent them out to the passport office and in less than two weeks we received our Canadian passports without any problems.

Thank you so much for the fast and efficient service and most importantly for knowing the exact requirements that the Canadian passport office will accept. You not only saved me the trip to LA but also ensured that the passport photos won't be a problem during the renewal process.

I will tell all my friends about the convenience of your website and the excellent service you provide.


Bakersfield, CA

Like so many Canadians living in the US, your passport renewal can be daunting. I had my first set of passport photos rejected (causing another 3 week delay) due to the fact that all the passport photo services here are setup only for the US specs and they differ from Canada's. After calling a lot of photo services and getting the same answer I went online and found this website. Following their instructions s on taking your own digital photo, I was able to quickly upload my hi-res photo file to their site, pay online and in a few days received the photos ready to submit. All for under $10. Don't waste your valuable time and money shopping around use Passport Photo Now.


I received the passport photos and they looked great. Your service was inexpensive, fast, friendly and of the highest quality.

Dan Graves


We received our passport pictures today that we uploaded yesterday. they are looking great. I will definitely be sending business your way.

thank you for excellent job.
Huntington beach, CA

Just wanted to tell you what a great experience we had using your service to have passport photos made for our 6-month-old daughter. Having acceptable pictures made of an infant is a huge challenge, and you did it beautifully. Your employee even called me to tell me that the picture we originally submitted online wouldn't work and that we should send you another one. We did, and her advice saved our daughter's passport application from being rejected! We'll definitely recommend you guys
-- thanks a lot! Lisa
I found Passport Photo Now through an online Google search.  I needed passport photos fast, and with a bunch of kids, school and work commitments, getting to a place where they take passport photos was not going to work.  Actually, where do you even get passport photos taken these days?  I do not see the photo booths any more.  Anyway, it was super easy.  I took a few photos, followed the simple instructions on the site and I was in-business.  The service is very personalized; Bruce emailed me with several updates along the way and inside two days I had the photos in my hands.  This services is a huge time-saver, reliable and easy to use, I would recommend this service to anyone.

Hi Bruce

I wanted to say thank you for the quick turn around time on the photos. They look good (well as good as pictures of us can). I want to thank Bisonphoto for the extremely prompt service in printing our Australia passport photos. I sent the files on Sunday and they were in my mailbox the next Wednesday. The print quality is great and the price cannot be beaten. We were quoted upwards of $50 by local photo studios to get each set printed to the correct size. In fact, these photos cost less than the regular Polaroids taken for US passports. All in all, a great experience and I would not hesitate to use Bisonphoto again.

Hope that works for you. Thanks again.

Helen J.
We were every happy with the timely and efficient service. The upload process was simple and easy to use. We definetly plan to use the online service for our future needs.

Hi Bruce,
I just got my photos today and they look great. Thanks for having them done in a week's time, even though I live on the East Coast in Boston. Your service is very professional and your feedback was quick. You asked for a re-take of my first photo one day after I ordered my picturse which allowed me time to do it over. Thanks again

Thanks Bruce, look forward to seeing them. I live just on the west side of Houston, and even with such a large city close by had a heck of a time finding anybody that could print out a few copies of the Canadian citizenship photo format (to be honest, most photo shops just didn't want to bother). Even tried it myself on my photo printer - got the right size, but thought the finicky Canadian government might want something a bit more "professional". If they come out ok, I'll be sure to give you a recommendation - lots of us Canadian's down here still clinging tightly to our passports and citizenship status.

Have a good Friday.

I used your service to get prints from an uploaded photo for renewing my Canadian passport. 
The service was prompt and the prints arrived within days. 
Moreover the canadian passport office accepted the prints and I got my passport rightaway. 
Great service. I will recommend your company to anyone. Thanks.
Thomas Varghese
Sterling, VA.
Hello Bruce,
I would like to write a testimonial for your website, and this is a true story of what happened:
I would reccomend Bison Photo to any and all Canadians living in the US that need Canadian passport photos. They know the exact specifications for Canada,and their turn around time is lightning fast.
I overnighted my passport application to my Mum in Canada, and she took it directly to the office in Toronto. The Canadian passport official took a look at the picture and said they were perfect, in fact he said it was the second time in 2 days that they had received an application from a Candian living in the US who had their photos made at Bison Photo (what are the odds ?!). Anyhow the Passport official remarked that the photos were exactly made to spec and he approved the passport on the spot. Thanks to Bison and my Mum I received my passport back to me in Tennessee 10 days later (faster than the US passport takes) 
Thanks PassportPhotonow! 
I recently received my daughter's photos and would like to thank you for the ease in which you made this process work. Excellent work at a reasonable price! Keep up the great work.
Now I look forward to receiving my son's photos which I'm sure will be just as excellent.

Bruce - I received the photos for my Canadian Citizenship, Thanks so much. What amazingly speedy service, I got the pictures in my hands within 3 days of submitting my picture. I've had major difficulty finding a photo agency, in my area of Montana, that produces the specific photos I need for my citizenship application, thank goodnes I was able to find you. I also would like to say "Thanks" for allowing me to submit another photo after my first submission was not appropriate for the Canadian photos - I was so worried that I would have to repay the fee to submit another photo. It was a great relief to get the email from you just requesting that I email you another photo. Great service from your company and the picture looks great - I will recommended you to family and friends for any future photo needs, you do a great job doing what you do! 
Thanks a million,
Maureen Forsting

Bruce- We received the pictures for my husband's Canadian Citizenship application. THANK YOU! We have delayed processing for months b/c of not having photos. It is very difficult to find "local" places to take the photos to spec. After filling meeting all the other requirements of the application process, the last thing you want to do is send pictures that won't be deemed as acceptable. I literally uploaded a digital picture of my husband on Thursday, October 1 and we received it in Florida today, Monday October 5th. Your turnaround time was amazing, especially since you are on west coast. I will definitely be in touch to see what else you can do!

Thanks again. I will absolutely be sending business you way. Thanks so much. Please feel free to use put this feedback on your website. I 100% endorse your service.

Shelley Talarico
Wow!  thanks for the quick service.  Impressive.

Anne-Marie    [Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.]
Dear Bruce, 

We received the photos we ordered yesterday and they look great! Your response time is impressive, and the whole process was very user-friendly and clear. Thanks for making this "to-do" on our list quite effortless, when it could have easily become quite tedious!

Thanks again,

I live small town in Texas and I need Canadian passport photo,but closest town have a photo shop does Canadian passport was 5 hours drive away. I found online and place an order Friday and got my photo Monday! Their website provide very helpful information how to take a good picture for passport photo and their service was speedy and professional.

Amarillo, Texas

My wife and children needed Canadian passport pictures. I own an Olympus Passport camera for my business and take US passport pictures on a regular basis. After having my pictures returned to me two times by the Canadian passport office, I turned to Bruce at BisonPhoto. He told me exactly what he needed image wise and was very patient as it took me several attempts to get him the image file he required. Once he had the files, my family's passport pictures were in my mailbox in a matter of days. They were all accepted by the Canadian passport office without any problems, and they had their passports in time for our vacation. I will definitely use Bruce and BisonPhoto in the future. I spent more in postage having my pictures returned as unacceptable by Canada, than I spent with Bruce. His service is definitely worth the money.

Darryl Mueller

Hi Bruce,

I was pleased with the photos you printed from the Jpeg I emailed and the promptness with which my order was processed.

The color looks good and the dimensions are correct in accordance with the Canadian Visa Photo Specs. I will not hesitate to order from you again when the need arises.



"The speed, quality and service of Bison Photo was exceptional. After reviewing my emailed ID photo, they suggested that the photo would probably be rejected by the government agency and suggested that I resubmit another photo. This attention to detail saved me significant time and effort. I would use their services again without hesitation."

Jeff Jones
Hi there...I just wanted to thank you for your very prompt and efficient service. I received the pics in less than a week - I believe you sent them on Friday or Saturday and I received them the following Thursday!  I was also very impressed with your very easy-to-navigate website and clear checkout process. Thanks for making this whole "passport photo process" so easy!  I will definitely use your service again, should I need further photos, and can definitely recommend your service to others. 
Thanks again,
Tasleem (in Ferney-Voltaire, France)


I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your service. I could not find anyplace locally in the Chicago area who could provide Canadian Citizenship Photos. Fortunately I found you on the internet and the required photos were supplied quickly and economically. Thank you so much for your prompt and professional service.

Sue Nagy
Vapor Power International
Franklin Park, IL 

I ordered my Canadian citizenship photos on Friday, and they arrived on Wednesday. Perfectly sized and formatted to meet the exacting standards of the Canadian specs. Well done.

Lynton, KY


I have been procrastinating on getting my passport and many companies were not interested in doing Canadian Passport pictures. Your response and help have already been positive. Will keep you posted on the outcome.

Sheila Chandler
Five Star Freight/B & C Trucking
Madera, CA 

I live in Alaska and I needed UK passport photos for my baby. I asked BisonPhoto if they could print and mail my own photos and they said this was a brand new service and I would be one of the first customers. The service started up the next day and instead of just printing the photo I had uploaded, Bruce from BisonPhoto called me to advise on how to take a better photo that would be more acceptable to the UK passport authorities. He then emailed me a confirmation that the new picture was good and mailed out the photos immediately. This is an excellent level of personal service that is almost non-existent these days, especially in online transactions. I would highly recommend BisonPhoto for your specialist photo requirements.

Sarah Hurst

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